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Spain is entering a period of dangerous, Catalonia wants to independence but it seems difficult to looking at the Spanish constitution. What about EU ?

Spain is entering a period of dangerous, Catalonia wants to independence  but it seems difficult to looking at the Spanish constitution. What about EU ?

The rise of Catalan nationalism is provoking tension in Spain. In the light of the independence drive by Catalunya, the Spanish governing party have issued instructions to the navy to intercept fishing boats and demand them to fly the Spanish National flag.

On Saturday morning, a military naval vessel from the Spanish armed forces prevented numerous fishing vessels from a local Catalonian port in Gerona to leave port because they were not displaying the Spanish national flag, all the boats had to return to port and were unable to fish.

Analyzing this incident from a local perspective it is not too difficult to draw similar parallels. At present, the issue of nationalism is of great importance and consequence to the Spanish Government. Even at local level and in recent weeks we have seen vessels of the Spanish navy suspiciously noseying in and around British Gibraltar Waters.

Over the weekend there has also been a notable increase in the number of incursions by the Guardia Civil and the Aduanera SVA vessels, they were not even accompanying fishermen, just exercising their ‘right of free passage’ Which in this area is one of the biggest maritime jokes EVER! ( as our photographs illustrates)

However, it is clear that Madrid appears to be playing intimidating tactics with the Catalans as they have been doing with the Gibraltar all along!

Spanish Military Association Wants to Declare State of  War in Catalonia

Already the Spanish Military have been flexing their muscles, even with direct threats of physical intervention.

“Spain is an indissoluble nation. In case of threat of fracture or separatism, according to article 8 of the Spanish Constitution, we have to guarantee the integrity of the territory. Therefore, it is our opinion that we have to declare a state of war or siege.” This is the opinion of the president of the Spanish Military Association (AME), Colonel Leopoldo Muñoz Sánchez. These are the words of Colonel Muñoz who expressed his opinion on behalf of one of the three largest military associations in Spain, who gave an interview regarding the current political issue in Catalonia that was shown on Dutch television channel “Niewsur”.

Mind you, the old General’s views sounds more like a statement from a supporter of the old Franco regime (probable is), who for years stamped out Catalan identity by banning the Catalan language and flag. Not many on the Rock would have been shocked to have heard such an outragous statement I’m sure!

In Brussels last week four Catalan MEP’s asked the European Commission to inform Spain that it could not use military force to stop Catalonia from breaking away from Madrid. The MEP Maria Badia, Greens Ana Miranda and Raul Romeva Rueda and Liberal Ramon Tremosa wrote to the EU justice commissioner.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has already reiterated quite a few times that a referendum cannot be held as it would be contrary to the constitution, introduced in 1978 to underpin Spain’s transition to democracy after the death of the great dictator himself Francisco Franco.

Even though a referendum has been rejected by Madrid, it is clear an overwhelming majority of the Catalan people want a referendum on independence. A recent poll showed a growing majority in favour of independence for the region!

If, as expected the Catalan group wins the regional election on 25 November, things are really going to get interesting from a Madrid point of view.

But as the struggling government of Mariano Rajoy, edges closer to a financial bailout, giving them membership to the elite club that includes Greece, Ireland and Portugal in Europe’s financial intensive care unit, old fascist Spanish wounds are slowly emerging alongside the already very visible political and social tension!

  1. Frankly Francophone October 31, 2012, 12:26 am

    Catalonia, Scotland and Spain:

  2. I think Turkey, Europe and the whole world must realise the very grave danger to world peace with this separatist epidemic spreading round the world,which will lead to local civil wars and then regional and world war. This phenomenon is so dangers, on a par with international terrorism and is related to nationalism with xenophobic/ racist undertones and will eventually morph into fascism and genocide. UN should insist any current separatist demands must be negotiated under a federalist solution to avoid very real danger of outbreak of war. basically, this is a world problem and this fragmentation of nations will eventually spiral out of control causing chaos and death.



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