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El Salvador: Official Scrutiny Process Continues
15 Mart, 2012 | 15:27

The official ballots scrutiny of last Sunday”s elections in El Salvador continue for a second day on Wednesday with a new focus of attention: human error that could sum up inexistent votes.

A digital newspaper reported the discovery of differences in various original certificates and in the digitalization of the results, both published in an internet site of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

After comparing the documents, it was discovered that parties who did not receive votes in the manuscript elections, in the digitized version published by the TSE appear with votes.

The mistake arises because at the columns of votes received, members of the polling station placed character pipe (/) or diagonal stripes that were translated as a number one.

The most curious example is the ballot box 5501, where Party of National Conciliation received no vote, but the typing attributed to it 111 votes,La Pagina newspaper reported.

It states that this inconsistency has been detected in at least seven ballot boxes that were counted in the school center Liga Panamericana, of San Salvador.

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