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Europe News

Hundreds of migrants killed in new Mediterranean tragedy, says UN

More than 200 people believed to have drowned after inflatable boats capsize off of Italy, according to UN refugee agency.

Russian President Putin blames US for Ukraine crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the U.S. and its western allies of fomenting the crisis in Ukraine as part of a strategy of domination.

Obama, Merkel warn of new options on Ukraine

President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday warned of additional steps in Ukraine should diplomacy fail to deter Russian action in the country.

Pilot left cockpit before Germanwings crash

One of the two

One of the two pilots of the German plane...

Greek leader hails cooperation deal with OECD

Greek Prime Minister Alexis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said...

Spanish court rules Catalonia independence vote illegal

Spain’s Constitutional Court has

Spain’s Constitutional Court has declared...

Russian President Putin: Military aid to Ukraine will increase victims

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said...

Greece rejects EU bailout extension offer

Greece rejected Monday a

Greece rejected Monday a six-month extension...

German Chancellor Merkel: We are glad for Jewish life in Germany

German Chancellor Merkel indirectly

German Chancellor Merkel indirectly criticizes...

Sony Vaio
Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain

Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain… There is...

Top 10 Movies in Istanbul Top 10 Movies in Istanbul

Brand new day over The Blue Mosque in Istanbul,...

TOP 10 Family Holidays 09/10 TOP 10 Family Holidays 09/10

1. Adventure holiday, Ardeche, France Activities...

Top 10 beaches Top 10 beaches

From deserted white sand lapped by turquiose water...

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