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Washington celebrating the new proximity to Paris. US President Barack Obama prepares his counterpart Hollande a roaring reception, with State Dinner, pomp and Böllerei. France is now regarded as a reliable partner, unlike Germany.


Washington celebrating the new proximity to Paris. US President Barack Obama prepares his counterpart Hollande a roaring reception, with State Dinner, pomp and Böllerei. France is now regarded as a reliable partner, unlike Germany.

Around the White House, there is Blue-White-Red. The French national colors adorn the lampposts in the center of the U.S. capital, and the mighty Eisenhower administration building has a huge tricolor alongside America’s Stars and Stripes pulled over the facade. If any say, French President François Hollande was not the Americans welcome.

With all the pomp and splendor U.S. President Barack Obama receives these days his counterparts: On Monday, a visit to Monticello, the estate of U.S. Founding Father and France lover Thomas Jefferson, on this Tuesday the reception at the White House; evening a lavish state dinner with 300 guests, on Wednesday, a trip to Silicon Valley in California. Böllerei and patriotic songs, of course, included.

“State Visit” means this show political affection of protocol correctly – and Monsieur Hollande is only the seventh state guest, the Obama proves that honor. There are reasons. France is considered as the most reliable now Obama’s foreign and security policy partners in Europe:

* Hollande has sent French troops to Mali and radical Islamists driven back;

* soon after, he sent troops into the Central African Republic in chaos;

* in the nuclear negotiations with Iran, his delegation was stubborn;

* last year he showed himself determined the Assad regime to bomb Syria – while Obama himself would have probably connected getting a majority        in Congress;

* and predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy held the U.S. is already in Libya back free.

Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, Leslie Bowman

Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, Leslie Bowman

Conclusion of a close Obama adviser: “The time of Freedom Fries is back for a long time.” This refers to the years after the start of the Iraq war, which the French wisely refused and during which some Americans did not want French Fries serve more. Now everything is different: France was the “ideal partner” for Obama’s foreign policy plans, concludes the confidant.

So then also write the two presidents in a joint commentary for “Washington Post” and “Le Monde”: “A decade ago, few would have imagined that our countries work closely together in so many areas.” No country can bear the burden of leadership alone, more states would have to get involved. Africa is the “visible sign” of the new partnership.

Visible the French-American Honeymoon is however beyond Africa , in Virginia : On the estate, Monticello Obama praises on Monday predecessor Jefferson (1801-1809) as a ” Francophile through and through .” The house representing the federal government , with the enables the American Revolution and later the French have influenced . Hollande adds: “We will be friends forever. ” Then they shake hands .

It has also very well recorded in America that Hollande , the NSA Spähaffäre not discussed too sharp. France, so these days is the standard rate in political Washington is ” our oldest ally and friend.” True, excluding France , the Americans could have won their war of independence against the British never ever . However, the ” special relationship” developed not with France, but with Britain. Jefferson’s pro- French influence had faded quickly.

Now the weights could move . Evidence ? Last year, the British Parliament Prime Minister David Cameron refused to consent to military action against Assad , in the EU , the British are on the decline, and in the Euro – zone , they play no role anyway . Germany , in turn, is perceived in the U.S. as an economic giant, its political responsibilities may not provide legal – even if the recent speech of President Gauck is interpreted positively .

If France.

For the newly minted single François Hollande is the American Honeymoon balm. Because struck its reputation at home not only because of its fiscal and economic policy , but also by his personal love affairs and the rude disposal of partner Valerie Trierweiler . In Washington, they had the invitation cards to the State Dinner reprinted without the name of the Ex The antics have Hollande ‘s reputation as “French Lover” brought across the Atlantic , meanwhile the popularity curve at home reached a historic low – suffered the socialist is only at 19 percent of his countrymen. Since the shoulder knocking cozying Obama is just right .

Economically, too, to transatlantic cooperation thrive again , creating the proposed free trade agreement between Europe and the U.S. growth. France’s reputation as an economic location has suffered mightily last , the unemployment rate is about eleven percent . Though America stands with 23 percent still at the top of foreign investors , but only 13 percent have a ” positive impression ” of their host country . Maybe can Hollande burnish that image in the U.S.. Other clichés , however, have proven to be extremely durable.

Thomas Jefferson , for example, noted during his time as U.S. ambassador in Paris, the warning : As male , consider in France , unfortunately, ” the fidelity in married life as the opposite of joy and the gentleman not beneficial practice.”





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