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French President Receives Russian Counterpart
02 Haziran, 2012 | 13:25

French President Francois Hollande today received here his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, who holds a brief visit, in which Syria issue is expected to be the main talking point.

Francois Hollande and Vladimir Putin will hold a working dinner at the Élysée Palace and on Friday evening and will give a join press conference.

Putin arrived in Paris after visiting Germany, where he met with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.

During a press conference in Berlin, Putin reiterated his support to UN-Arab League Joint Special Envoy for Syria, Kofi Annan, to overcome the current conflict in that country.

Russia is working to avoid a escalation of violence that could generate a civil war, said Putin.

The Russian government opposes the intention of Western countries of increasing pressure on Damascus and described as counterproductive the decision by several countries to expel the Syrian ambassadors.

Putin also rejected a possible military intervention against the Arab country supported by the Security Council of the UN, as suggested this week the French president.


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