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Life News

Happy Event:Sumatran Tiger Triplets at the London Zoo, Video / UK News Happy Event:Sumatran Tiger Triplets at the London Zoo, Video / UK News

The joy is huge: In London Zoo three tiger cubs were born – and they seem to develop perfectly. The mother of the triplets Melati had lost a newborn dramatically year only six months ago. Sumatran Tiger Melati gave birth six months after the death of her last baby, following a pregnancy lasting...


Murat Azakoglu Murat Azakoglu

Football is a universal sport that really happened, and everywhere...

Fuat Yaman Fuat Yaman

Fuat Yaman NationalTurk presents : Analysis of Netherlands and Euro...

Muslum Gulhan Muslum Gulhan

Turkish football scholar and coach Muslum Gulhan analyzes Real Madrid...

Emre Gollu Emre Gollu

Our national sport is Turkish wrestling, but we are all hooked to...

2014 Chinese Year: Wooden Horse Year

According to Chinese astrology,

According to Chinese astrology, there are...

Travel Destinations and Zodiac Signs

As we are about

As we are about to be in new year, in 2014,...

Travel Destinations According to Your Zodiacal Signs?

There are many travel

There are many travel destinations throughout...

The microlight aircraft crashes in Turkey

A microlight aircraft wreckage

A microlight aircraft was crashed in a forested...

Hard to belive ! UK jails Nigerian witchcrafter 20 years for sex trafficking young girls

A Nigerian sex trafficker

Juju voodo to make young Nigerian girls sex...

Egyptian Teacher who beats children for discipline : Ok your father might have f****d your butt as a child but the world hopes you burn in hell

Egyptian Teacher disciplining children

Go to hell faggot ! Egyptian Teacher disciplining...

Sony Vaio
Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain

Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain… There is...

Top 10 Movies in Istanbul Top 10 Movies in Istanbul

Brand new day over The Blue Mosque in Istanbul,...

TOP 10 Family Holidays 09/10 TOP 10 Family Holidays 09/10

1. Adventure holiday, Ardeche, France Activities...

Top 10 beaches Top 10 beaches

From deserted white sand lapped by turquiose water...

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