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NBA, where brawls and fighting happens / Rondo attacks the guy Kardeshian was married to after Garnett was fouled, gets ejected along with Wallace
29 Kasım, 2012 | 15:16
Rondo to Humphries : For me brudder !!!

Rondo to Humphries : For me brudder !!!

Angry star point guard Rajon Rondo and Cris Humphries was ejected late in second quarter of Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets when he shoved the ex-husband of Kim Kardeshian after the Nets forward knocked Rondo’s big brother Kevin Garnett to the ground with a hard foul. Then a lovely NBA Brawl initiated / NBA News

Boston, NBA News / NationalTurk – In the past weeks, Boston Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo has been the topic of some controversy for his streak of double-digit assist games. In the eyes of some, Rondo has been changing his style of play to keep the streak going. For others, that’s inconsequential given that players gun for milestones all the time. No matter the opinion, it’s hard to watch Rondo these days without keeping the streak in mind.

Rondo Humphries Fight, they and Wallace ejected for latest NBA fight, Garnett gets only technical

Cris Humphries was given two technical fouls and ejected. Nets forward Gerald Wallace, who joined the fray under the Boston basket, was given one technical, but since it was his second of the game he was also sent off. Garnett was given one technical foul and remained in the game.

On Wednesday night, Rondo ended the streak in ignominious fashion. With fewer than 30 seconds remaining in the first half of the Celtics’ home game against the Brooklyn Nets, Kris Humphries fouled Kevin Garnett on a jumper, after which Garnett sold the contact and fell back into the first row of seats (and cameramen) along the baseline. Rondo, who was near the hoop, immediately grabbed and shoved Humphries. More players got involved, including the Nets’ Gerald Wallace (who ran a fair distance to jump in, via Matt Moore), the Celtics’ Brandon Bass, and a late-arriving Garnett.

Rondo Humphries Fight NBA Brawl Video : Watch how Rondo protects Garnett and fights Humphries and gets ejected

Rondo finished the night with three assists, ending his streak of 37 consecutive games with at least 10 that dated to March 11 of last season. That ties John Stockton for second-longest in NBA history. Magic Johnson holds the record at 46 consecutive games in the 1983-84 season.

Rondo, Humphries, and Wallace were all ejected after the Rondo Humphries fight and all three — plus a few more of the participants — can expect certain fines and possible suspensions in the next few days. Rondo finished with only three assists in 18 minutes, bringing his streak to an end at 37 games, which ties him at second all-time with John Stockton. Magic Johnson will continue to hold the record at 46 games. (and the Boston Celtics lost 95-83.)

The tussle started when Cris the ex guy of one of the Kardashians Humphries fouled Kevin Garnett, pushing him to the floor as he shot from the right baseline. Rondo shoved Humphries, sending the skirmish into the stands. Wallace began shoving Garnett before the fight was broken up.

After reviewing the incident on replay, the referees gave Humphries two technical fouls and ejected him. Rondo was simply ejected.

Rondo fights Humphries for his brother Garnett, is Rondo petulant ? He was one game shy of breaking an assist streak record !

The Celtics point guard has had a history of petulance, including a one-game suspension during the opening round of last year’s playoff series against Atlanta after he chest-bumped referee Marc Davis while complaining about a call in the final minute of a Boston loss.

During the regular season, he was suspended for two games for throwing a ball at an official.

Rajan Rondo adores and worships KG as if he were his big brother, so it’s not terribly surprising that he’d stick up for his teammate. In the process, he also helped ensure that his team would lose and that a notable personal streak would end. I guess we learned that there’s at least one thing Rondo considers more important than his personal stats.

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