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Ricardo Quaresma mugged in Lisboa, Portugal
13 Ocak, 2012 | 15:06
Ricardo Quaresma mugged in Lisboa, Portugal

Ricardo Quaresma mugged in Lisboa, Portugal

Besiktas Istanbul winger Ricardo Quaresma got mugged in Lisboa, Portugal.

Lisboa / NationalTurk – Portuguese star international player Ricardo Quaresma got robbed by masked and armed men during his visit of a friend in an area called Chelas.

According to Portuguese newspaper ‘Correio da Manha’, Quaresma got mugged in his Audi R8, while talking with a friend of his. The assailants held gun against Quaresma’s head and stripped the star footballer of his belongings, including a watch, ring, chain, diamond earring and money valued as high as 44000 Euros.

The shocked footballer Ricardo Quaresma went straight to Chelas police station, his friend is claimed to be another Portuguese international Miguel from Valencia.

Ricardo Quaresma is on Besiktas Istanbul’s injured list since 8th December 2011 and still suffers from an injury, announced to last 3-4 weeks. He is in Portugal for treatment, although the second half of Turkish Super League has started 10 days ago.

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