Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain

Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain…There is several beaches for nude in Spain. Nudist beaches in Spain are so popular

Top 10 nudist beaches of Spain…

There is several beaches for nude in Spain. Nudist beaches in Spain are so popular…Here is top 10 nudist beaches of Spain written by;

1. Gay Nudist Beach

Let us start with the most popular nudist beach in Spain and this is none other than the Gay And Mixed Nudist Beach. It is located in Sitges and its large area is the main attraction of the precise beach.

2. Barinatxe Nudist Beach

The second one is a very common name for the beach lovers. It is famous as the Barinatxe Nudist Beach. A huge number of people come here to take pleasure of the real nudism near the beach. It is located in Sopelana.

3. El Torn Beach

Now move to the most beautiful beach in Tarragona. It is one of the most wonderful nudist beaches in Spain. A lot of couples come here every year to celebrate their honeymoon.

4. Faro de Trafalgar

One of the most pleasurable beaches in Spain is the Faro de Trafalgar. Its nudism is the main attraction of the beach. If you are a bachelor and desiring to have some funs and entertainment, then this one could be the most suitable beach destination for you.

5. Cantarrijan Nudist Beach

Spain is always famous for the Cantarrijan Nudist Beach for having the true pleasure of nudism. A lot of teenagers and couples come here enjoy their life to the bottom of their heart. It is located in Granada.

6. Gaudalmar Nudist Beach

Now, have a look on the most spectacular beach in Spain. If you are thinking about the Gaudalmar Nudist beach, then you right. It is located in Marbella. It is a long sandy nudist beach.

7. Maspalomas Beach

If there is a discussion about the nudist beach, then we must not fail to remember the name of Maspalomas beach. It is located in Gran Canaria and one of the finest beach destinations in the world.

8. El Medano Beach

We all know about the endless beauty of the Tenerife. In fact, it is so famous for the El Medano beach. Hence, if you are in search of the perfect nudist beach destination, then you must come to the El Medano beach.

9. Cabo de Gata

True nature lovers always want somewhere cent percent natural to have a memorable vacation. If you would also like to have such a holiday, then you should come to the Cabo de Gata beach. It is located in Murcia.

10. Playa de la Mar Bella

Let’s have a discussion on the topmost nudist beach in Sapin and that is known as the Playa de la Mar Bella. The precise beach is located in Barcelona. If you are a true nudist beach lover, then you must not miss the chance to come here.

  1. Excuse me, but Cabo de Gata is in Almeria, not in Murcia.




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