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30 Missing Italian Women Profiled as Slovak Cannibal’s Victims

Slovak Cannibal : Digital Animal
Slovak Cannibal Matej Churko

30 Italian women who have disappeared between January 2009 and May 2011 fit the profile – age 25 to 28; their bodies never found – of alleged Slovak cannibal Matej Curko’s possible victims.

Slovak police sources informed that they are currently working on the case in light of reports from Interpol. Operational unit officers and forensic experts confront a difficult task given the nature of the crime and how little evidence to start with.

Slovak Cannibal : Digital Animal

A possible Italian victim emerged from gigital email correspondence between Curko, who died in a firefight with the Slovak police force on 12 May, and Swiss-born Markus Dubach, a consenting victim who changed his mind at the last moment. But the email messages shoved only the victim’s age and that she was italian. This explains why investigators have cast their net wide to include thirty crimes and unsolved cases over the period when Matj Curko appears to have been active. Forensic experts, on the back foot after recent errors in the Meredith Kercher Amanda Knox case, want to be 100% certain before making any connections with the cannibal murders.

Slovak Cannibal Case : Fridge of Horrors discovered at cannibal’s home

In reality several cases, and one in particular, appear to be more promising. Italian police officers have already asked their Slovak counterparts for biological evidence and tests on items reported to have been found in Matej Curko’s fridge as the alleged cannibal not only stored info on his computer but kept human body parts in his fridge. Now scientists try to obtain DNA test results and compare them with samples from relatives of the missing italian women. Investigators in Slovakia seem to have found parts of other bodies, as well as those of Lucia Uchnarova and Elena Gudjakova, the young Slovakian women who disappeared in 2010.

Italian investigators have requested Slovak police to forward biological evidence and tests on remains found at Matej Curko’s home.

The other trail led up to some fact is, an info left by Curko on the internet, where the slovakian computer technician could be contacted by victims at his confidential email address, The nickname kanibm (Cannibal Matej) found very original.


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  1. Anon why not review the statements made by Amanda Knox and see all the lies and contradictions in her story before running your mouth. Innocent people do not constantly lie to police and accuse an innocent African man, in the hopes that the colour of his skin will convince them that she is innocent and he is guilty.

  2. Anon you idiot, how about you review the testimony of Amanda, filter through all the contradictions in her story before you open your mouth? Along with all the contradictions in her story, isnt it noble of Amanda to accuse the black man from Africa as a way out? It wasnt Mignini who tried to frame an innocent man and consistently lied to police throughout the investigation. Hardly the actions of someone who is innocent.

  3. Yes anon, just like in the civlised states where people get executed and are then found innocent afterwards. At least Italy is a democracy with no death penalty. Had two Italians been convicted on the same evidence over there they wouldn’t even get an appeal hearing, they would already be on their long wait on death row.

  4. Maybe Prosecutor Mignini can help, he too is a cannibal, he eats the souls of innocent victims in Perugia, frames them for crimes they did not do. He is just as evil. Shame on Italy for allowing him the power and aiding and abetting in the process. What a circus you run over there. Tourists, students, etc., should stay away like the plague.

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