A Brussels commissioner suspected of rape of young colleagues

The Brussels labor prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into a 31-year-old police commissioner from the Brussels-West police zone.

The man would be accused of moral and sexual harassment of around ten young police officers. It would also be a question of rape, La Capitale and Het Nieuwsblad wrote on Monday.

The events allegedly took place both at his home in the Verviers region and at the police station. The main inspector would thus have started a relationship with these women, then would have gone further and further.

It was only when two women denounced the facts that things started to move. At the beginning of September, investigators from the General Inspectorate went to a police station in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe to arrest the man and take him to his home in the Verviers region, where a search took place.

Since then, the inspector, transferred to another police station, has no longer shown up for work. His lawyer indicated in Het Nieuwsblad and La Capitale that his client did not wish to make any comment on this subject. The labor auditor does not comment either.

The inspector was not arrested or suspended. The police zone, however, confirms that an administrative investigation is underway, in addition to a judicial investigation.

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