Actress Vera Chekhova is dead

Mourning for Vera Chekhova: The actress and director died after a short, serious illness. She was 83 years old.

The actress and director Vera Tschechowa is dead. She died on Wednesday after a short, serious illness in Berlin at the age of 83, as the Ute Nicolai agency announced on Thursday, citing the family.

Viewers know the woman with the striking eyes from films such as “Time of Sensibility”, “Rausch der Verwandlung” and from television series. She received the Federal Film Prize in 1962 for the Böll film adaptation “The Bread of the Early Years”.

In the 1980s, with her then-husband Vadim Glowna, she shot the Cannes entry “Desperado City”, the Max Frisch film adaptation “Bluebeard” and the documentary feature film “Chekhov in My Life” about her famous Russian family.

“Oh, now Chekhova’s daughter is coming”

Both her mother and grandmother were actresses. The poet Anton Chekhov is her great-granduncle. The big name was also a challenge for her. “Oh, now Chekhova’s daughter is coming,” it used to be said. This spurred the actress on at a young age.

She originally wanted to become a set designer. She learned the craft of acting in Berlin and Munich. The screen career began in 1956 in Heinz Erhardt’s “Widower with Five Daughters”, a typical film of the economic miracle era. An encounter with Elvis Presley also occurred during this era.

The young Chekhova was once brought in as “Parsley” to a photo shoot with Elvis when he was stationed as a US soldier in Bad Nauheim. Much later there was another encounter with the “King”: When Chekhova was playing a theater in Munich, she heard that a single man had bought the entire performance. And so Elvis sat in the hall, his feet on the backrest and without understanding a word.

The actress recently lived in seclusion. She was in front of the camera for the last time in the mid-1990s. Happiness clearly predominated in her life, Vera Chekhova said in an interview a few years ago. She was married to the entrepreneur Peter Paschek until her death.

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