Afghanistan War: Rebel Attacks Kill 4 NATO Troops

Afghanistan War : Casualties rose to 379
Afghanistan War : Casualties rose to 379

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) informed that four of its soldiers were killed in insurgent attacks in southern and eastern Afghanistan.

It is another day im Afghanistan and news of another fatal event landed in agencies, reporting of a latest attack by Taliban rebels on Nato Isaf forces, claiming the life of 4 Nato troops.

The brief message from Nato refers only to the deaths of two soldiers in the south and two in the east, the most war-torn regions of Afghanistan.

As usual, the information does not mention the identities or nationalities of the deceased.

Afghanistan War : Casualties rose to 379

According to the website icasualties, ISAF casualties in Afghanistan this year rose to 379, with 282 of them reported to be U.S. citizens.

The high number of casualties in recent days was due to the deaths of 31 US special soldiers and 8 other members of Nato in a helicopter crash in the central-eastern province of Wardak in Afghanistan.

The ISAF announced on Sunday that it continues investigating the crash, while the Taliban claimed it shot down the helicopter with a succesful rocket fire.

Afghan president express deep grief

Hamid Karzai, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has expressed his deep grief over crash of the NATO helicopter resulted in killing 31 of US Special Forces.


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