Apple fails with “Project Titan”

Apple has apparently given up its plans for its own electric car. Instead, according to insiders, the tech giant wants to focus on systems and software for autonomous driving.

Apple has apparently put its plans for its own electric car on hold. Accordingly, the technology giant from Cupertino will not produce any electric cars under its own brand. This is reported by the Bloomberg news agency. She relies on insiders.

Project Titan: A big failure

Accordingly, Apple surprised the approximately 2,000 employees working on the project with the news. The announcement was not intended for the public, according to Bloomberg. Apple initially did not want to comment on the report.

Apple is said to have started the top-secret “Project Titan” in 2014. According to media reports, the iPhone manufacturer invested billions of dollars. Insiders see the end as a major failure. But not everyone is surprised.

There were always difficulties

There have been repeated reports of problems with Apple’s “Project Titan” in the past. Five years ago, the group undertook a realignment and laid off several hundred “Project Titan” employees or transferred them to other areas of the company. In 2022, it became known that several senior employees had left the project because they did not feel adequately supported by management.

Most recently it was said that the tech company had massively expanded the tests of its self-driving cars (t-online also reported). Now the turnaround has apparently come. Instead of producing its own cars, Apple wants to concentrate on developing systems and software for autonomous driving. The New York Times also reported on this change in strategy last year.

Report about the exit causes shares to rise

Apple is now reportedly planning to move many of its electric car project employees into artificial intelligence (AI) roles. But there will also be layoffs. According to the Bloomberg report, the shares rose by around one percent to $182.52.

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