Ban on activities for Hamas and Samidoun in Germany

Federal Interior Minister Faeser has banned the activities of the radical Islamist terrorist organization Hamas and the Palestinian network Samidoun in Germany.

Faeser announced that Samidoun would also be dissolved.

The militant Islamist Hamas organization and the Palestinian network Samidoun will no longer be allowed to operate in Germany in the future. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has imposed a corresponding ban.

Samidoun will also be dissolved. The network also operates under the names “Hirak – Palestinian Youth Mobilization Youth Movement (Germany)” and “Hirak e.V.” .

“Anti-Semitism has no place in Germany, we will fight it with all our might,” said Faeser, justifying her decree. With Hamas, “the activities of a terrorist organization that aims to destroy the State of Israel are completely banned.” As an international network, Samidoun spreads anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda under the guise of a “solidarity organization” for prisoners in various countries. Samidoun also supports and glorifies foreign terrorist organizations such as Hamas.

Anyone who continues to be active is committing a criminal offense

The consequences for both organizations are similar: any assets will be confiscated, internet presence and activities on social media will be banned. Anyone who continues to be active for the organizations is committing a criminal offense.

According to estimates by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany, there are around 450 people behind Hamas, many of whom are German citizens. However, there is no official branch of the Islamist group in this country. Clubs that were close to her were banned a few years ago.

Samidoun describes itself as a “Palestinian prisoner solidarity network.” According to constitutional protection officers, Samidoun belongs to the radical Palestinian organization PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and is hostile to Israel. The PFLP itself propagates the armed struggle against Israel, but, unlike Hamas, is not religious.

Hamas’ activities in the federal territory run counter to criminal laws and are directed against the idea of international understanding within the meaning of Article 9 Paragraph 2 of the Basic Law, said Faeser. In addition, their purpose or activity affects significant interests of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Faeser emphasized that the holding of spontaneous “jubilation celebrations” in Germany in response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israel shows Samidoun’s anti-Semitic, inhumane worldview in a particularly disgusting way. Samidoun representatives celebrated the Hamas massacre in Israel in Berlin by distributing sweets.

In a government statement on October 12th, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced bans on activities for Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip and is classified as a terrorist organization by the USA, as well as for Samidoun.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior announced last week that the bans would now be implemented “very quickly”. Such a procedure usually takes several months, but in this case the period will be “significantly shorter”.

Faeser assured Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor of her support in a personal conversation on Wednesday: “We will not allow the terror of Hamas to be glorified and incited against Jews and the State of Israel,” she emphasized, according to a statement from her ministry.

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