Rammstein drummer Christoph Schneider shares tour photos

At the beginning of August, Rammstein ended their European tour with three shows in Brussels.

On the one hand, the concerts were largely overshadowed by the allegations against the singer Till Lindemann, on the sidelines of several performances there were protests – the tour was still a commercial success, many fans are still behind the band.

It is currently unclear how Rammstein will continue, upcoming appearances have not yet been announced on the official website. After guitarist Richard Kruspe made several cryptic statements on Instagram, drummer Christoph Schneider spoke up on social media.

Rammstein drummer thanks the fans

The Rammstein drummer’s latest photo post contains eight very different pictures that were taken during the last tour. Some recordings only show the fans in the stadium, while others show the musicians on stage or provide behind-the-scenes insights.

A snapshot, for example, testifies to the good mood within the group and shows four of the band members (including Lindemann) laughing.

Christoph Schneider writes: “Many, many thanks to everyone behind, in front of and on stage, to everyone who was with us, for all your support, your commitment, your strength, endurance and loyalty on this 2023 tour.”

In the last sentence, the drummer becomes particularly emotional again: “I will never forget it!” He assures the fans on Instagram. However, he does not dare to look into the future at this point. This is the musician’s third post this month. Immediately after the Brussels concerts, for example, he simply said: “Merci and thank you, Belgium”.

Rammstein future still unclear

Alongside Richard Kruspe, Schneider is the Rammstein member who is currently the most active on social networks. Till Lindemann, on the other hand, posted a feed post on Instagram on July 11th. It is Kruspe in particular who fuels the speculation the most.

On August 6, he shared, “I don’t know what the future will be like, but it’s definitely going to be different,” only to follow up on August 13. His last statement sounded more optimistic: “After heavy rain, the sun always comes back.” Both statements can of course easily be related to the band.

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