Cuba remembers anniversary of proclaiming the Revolution socialist

The act was led by President Miguel Díaz-Canel and prominent members of the Communist Party and the Government.

61 years ago, Commander Fidel Castro proclaimed the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution in the central streets of Havana, after an attack on several strategic objectives on the island, which left seven people dead and dozens wounded.

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This Saturday, April 16, President Miguel Díaz-Canel led the central act for the anniversary of the declaration in the same streets where Fidel made the proclamation.

Díaz-Canel himself reported on his Twitter account that the activity took place in the central corner of 23 and 12.

The president pointed out that on April 16, 1961, the people of the island “proclaimed their Revolution socialist before going to defend the Homeland in the sands of Girón.”

In another tweet, the head of state evoked a fragment of the speech about the event delivered by the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, at the emblematic corner of 23 and 12, in Havana.

“Because what the imperialists cannot forgive us is that we are here, what the imperialists cannot forgive us is the dignity, integrity, courage, ideological firmness, spirit of sacrifice and revolutionary spirit of the Cuban people,” he stressed. the.

The day before the declaration, eight camouflaged bombers with Cuban air force insignia left Nicaragua and simultaneously attacked the airfields of San Antonio de los Baños and Ciudad Libertad, in the then province of Havana, and the Santiago airport. from Cuba.

It was in the funeral honors of the victims that Fidel Castro declared the socialist direction of the Cuban process, in the midst of a crowd that supported, with their rifles raised, the decision to defend the Revolution.

In the early hours of April 17, the Bay of Pigs attack began in the western province of Matanzas, which failed in less than 72 hours and remains the first defeat of the United States in Latin America.

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