Female family counselor :Allow polygamy in Turkey

Polygamy in Turkey Sibel Üresin
Sibel Üresin is heatedly criticised for her comments on Polygamy Legalization in Turkey

A family counselor and life coach who conducts seminars on inter-family communication for municipalities in Istanbul, renowned for their conservative population, has suggested legalizing polygamy, stirring big controversy in Turkey.

“A man looks for companionship, sexuality, motherhood and good housekeeping qualities in a woman. Unless you possess these attributes, you ought to be ready for being cheated upon. This is a righteous search for a man,” said 35-year-old Sibel Üresin, who has worked for the largely conservative İstanbul municipalities of Fatih, Ümraniye, Bahçelievler and Eyüp, among others. “A healthy woman who realizes what she will have to go through in the case of a divorce should, in my opinion, consider polygamy as a form of salvation.” She cited both secular and religious arguments in support of her comments.

‘Rich men with solid careers and lots of sexual power can sometimes prefer polygamy,’ dictates one of Üresin comments

Polygamy is already a fact of life because 85 percent of men already cheat anyway, according to Sibel Üresin. In conservative sections of Turkish society, this is referred to as an “imam-wed wife” and is called a mistress by other parts of society, Üresin didn’t stop.

“Rich men with good careers and wealth and lots of sexual power can sometimes prefer polygamy. No woman would ever become the second wife of a poor man. Men go after women who are more flirtatious, laugh more and who can satisfy them sexually. If I were a man, I would have been polygamous,” said Üresin, arguing that legalizing polygamy would empower women who are already engaged in polygamous marriages.

Turkey Marriage Laws : Polygamy illegal

Men can have up to four wives according to many interpretations of Islam, yet these wives have no legal rights in Turkey, according to Üresin, who added that legalizing polygamy would entitle such wives to their husband’s property. In Turkey polygamy is illegal.

“Polygamy exists in our religion. Not everyone can do it, but you cannot ask someone why they did it; that amounts to polytheism. It is written in the Quran,” Üresin said. She is the main focus in the social media across Turkey right now.


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