Gelsenkirchen: Good news for fans ahead of AC/DC concert

Gelsenkirchen: Shortly before the AC/DC concert at Schalke, the news goes around – fans are over the moon

Gelsenkirchen: Shortly before the AC/DC concert at Schalke, the news goes around – fans are over the moon

Great honor for Gelsenkirchen. AC/DC chose the city for a very special event before their European tour. Fans rejoice.

The tension in Gelsenkirchen is increasing. In mid-May, the Veltins Arena turns into a mecca for hard rock fans. On two evenings (May 17th and 21st), AC/DC will be performing at Schalke on their “Power Up” tour.

The band around lead guitarist Angus Young and frontman Brian Johnson recently revealed which opening band they will be supporting in Gelsenkirchen (more information here >>>). Now the next piece of news about the AC/DC concert at Schalke is making the rounds.

Gelsenkirchen: AC/DC has a message for all fans

The band is drawing their fans’ attention to a very special offer on their homepage that will only be available at five venues on the European tour. It concerns the band’s performances in Seville, Munich, London, Paris and Gelsenkirchen.

The “AC/DC High Voltage Dive Bar” will be in all cities. In English usage, a “dive bar” means a simple pub where locals can comfortably drink a drink. So nothing with Aperol spritz for 10 euros, but Pilsken for the small mark.

The AC/DC bar in Gelsenkirchen opens here

The band chose the Kaufe at Wilhelminenstrasse 176 in Schalke as the location for the “Dive Bar” in Gelsenkirchen.

AC/DC fans are invited to come here between May 16th and 22nd to meet like-minded people and browse the band’s merchandise. Among other things, there should be “very special vinyl releases”. The times at which the Kaue will open on each day and what awaits AC/DC fans there will be announced later.

The barn is the former wash barn of the Wilhelmine Victoria colliery. It has been a venue for cabaret, concerts and theater since 1992. In addition to the stage, where Atze Schröder and Herbert Knebel already gave their guest performances, the area of the former gatekeeper’s box was also converted into a pub. This place will probably be swarming with AC/DC fans in mid-May.

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