Has singer Shakira split from Gerard Piqué?

Separation rumors are circulating again about the model couple: Shakira (45) is said to have separated from her husband Gerard Piqué (35). At least that’s what Spanish newspapers are now reporting. The reason: the footballer cheated on her.

Gerard Piqué is said to have already moved out

The two met in 2010 at the World Cup when the singer performed her World Cup hit “Waka Waka”. The official love confirmation followed in 2011. Eleven years and two children later, everything should be over. According to reports, the 35-year-old has already moved out of the shared villa.

Most recently, the singer revealed on the “Planet Weirdo” podcast that there is always one thing: “If we really fight, it’s because I’m late and he’s waiting for me.” If the rumors are true, Shakira’s lateness is probably the least of the problems.

Cheating rumors: About Piqué and Shakira!

According to the Catalan daily newspaper “El Periódico”, the celebrity dream couple is about to separate. Reason: Barça professional Piqué apparently had an affair and was caught red-handed.

Journalist Laura Fa confirmed in the video podcast “Mamarazzis”: “The singer caught him with another and they will separate.”

“That’s why she made the decision to split up,” Fa adds, before citing information from her sources: “That’s how it is. It happened. That’s why there is distance. Maybe it’s nothing serious, but it (the affair, editor’s note) happened.”

The Spanish world and European champion (2010, 2012) has therefore been living alone in his old apartment on Calle Muntaner in Barcelona for weeks.

According to “El Periódico”, Piqué is said to have been seen more and more often in various nightclubs in the Catalan capital. At the Bling Bling and Patrón clubs, “he has been seen in the company of other women.”

Lorena Vázquez also reports that Piqué’s friends “found it strange that he went to bed so late because he had training the next day”.

The Barça star and the Colombian singer met in 2010 at the World Cup in South Africa, and they have been officially a couple since 2011. For years they were one of THE celebrity couples. They have two children together, Milan (9) and Sasha (7).

Most recently, Shakira had deleted all pictures with Piqué on her Instagram profile.

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