Honduras will require visas for Costa Ricans starting

The measure announced by the Honduran Foreign Ministry is “without any exception.”

The Government of Honduras announced this Monday that it will apply the principle of reciprocity to Costa Rica, so starting this Tuesday a consular visa will be required for Costa Rican citizens who want to enter Honduran territory.

”That, applying the principle of reciprocity, as of Tuesday, October 10 of this year, the Government of Honduras will require a consular visa from all Costa Rican citizens without exception,” the Honduran Foreign Ministry reported in a statement.

Last Friday, the Government of Costa Rica published a decree announcing that all Hondurans will need, with immediate effect, to apply for a visa before traveling to that country.

The Government of Honduras had announced that it respected Costa Rica’s decision to request visas from Hondurans and had warned that it was studying applying the principle of reciprocity.

“The measure that Costa Rica applies is a waste of time for Honduran citizens,” said the Chancellor of Honduras, Eduardo Enrique Reina, on Monday night.

“This is a reciprocal measure. “It is something that should not happen between brother countries,” he recalled.

“We spoke to the highest command and they did not want to change the measure,” he reiterated.

The requirement for a visa “is a setback and a cumbersome procedure that will cause Hondurans who normally travel for business or study purposes to have to request a visa, it is a setback to Central American practices,” he stressed.

Reina indicated that the Foreign Minister of Costa Rica, Arnoldo André, told him that the measure was applied due to “an increase in the participation of criminal groups in Limón (in the Costa Rican Caribbean) and the arrival of some Honduran hitmen” to this Central American country. .

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