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Integration gone awry : German teens use Turkish slang

Integration gone awry : German teens use Turkish slang
Integration gone awry : German teens use Turkish slang, the picture shows a so called 'German-Turk',

German teenagers are now frequently using common Turkish slang words, a study conducted by Potsdamm University in Germany showed.

Berlin / NationalTurk – German teenagers (aged 14 to 17) conversations have been listened by University officials non-stop for 48 hours and the experiment revealed the level of integration of Turkish words into daily German language.

Turkish Slang in German

The Turkish words most frequently used were ‘valla’ (honestly, indeed) and ‘lan’ (mate or man), which is used as an extremely informal form of address or an exclamation mainly among males, the social study revealed.

The integration of the Turkish and German was most apparent in regions with the largest Turkish populations, including districts of the Germany’s Turk-infested capital, Berlin.

Integrate this German Chancellor Angela Merkel !

Professor Heiser Wieker, the academic in charge of the social study, stated the linguistic usage was not symptomatic of a new dialect, but a simple sign of successful integration between different parts of society.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had atated last year that the attempt to create a multi-cultural society in Germany has failed entirely and her words sparked criticism when she added that so Germany’s immigrants should adopt Christian values and learn German.

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