Iran news: “The world has become our voice”

Furug Farrokhzad is an Iranian poet, writer, actor, director and painter.

She is one of the first names that come to mind when Iran is mentioned with his poems that draw attention to the inequality of women and men and reveal the social contradictions in Iran.

Furug means “Light” in Persian – Iran

Women who took to the streets all over the world remember and remind of “Furug” for Jîna Mahsa Amini, who was killed by the “morality police” in Iran today, on the grounds that she did not cover up in accordance with the “veiling rules”.

“The world has become our voice”

In the action that took place on Sunday, October 2, in Kadıköy, Istanbul, women from the Women’s Movement in Turkey are in the majority, but the main subject is the Iranian society, who came to the field with their children.

They sing the slogan of “We want a republic, not an Islamic regime in Iran”, and sing their anthem with such enthusiasm that a “light” appears among dozens of people, a banner with the inscription “Fürüğ to Mahsa, rebellion to comb our hair in the wind”…

I mix with Iranian groups and listen to their demands, views and ideals…

This is the first time I’ve heard of “feminist exiles”… Almost all Iranian women describe themselves as “feminist exiles”.

Their biggest dream is to return to the lands where they were born and grew up, which they had to leave because they wanted to live equally, because they did not want to be killed.

“We just want freedom”

One of them is Yelda.

“The whole world heard our voice, it answered our voice with a voice. This makes us happy. Everyone around the world sees what is happening in Iran. This is something we have not been able to do before. When conditions improve, I want to go to Iran…”

Another woman Enise:

“We don’t want much, we want to live the way women in the world live. I love Turkey very much. Like women in Turkey, women can live in Iran. They don’t allow us to live like women in Iran.”

another sea

“I am proud of myself. Everyone realized that we want freedom, we don’t want anything else. Protests give me strength and hope.

“I find the reactions in the world strong. Now neither the regime nor the people take a step back from their position. Therefore, there should be more support from the world. We will win.

“We would also like to thank the people of Turkey. This is an Islamic country. Here women can travel as they please. This is how we want to live in Iran…”

As I leave the women’s side, I hear the police warning to Iranian groups, “Disperse, you did your action”.

Iranian women and men sing the anthems of freedom…in Turkey and all over the world….

“Light” is leaking from the sky from somewhere…

İstanbul’da Bir Kez Daha Mahsa Amini Protestosu| VOA Türkçe

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