Is Austria now closing all schools?

The “lockdown light” in Austria seems to have failed: The country is preparing for a tougher pace in view of the high number of infections, reports the portal

Accordingly, the government wants to announce new measures on Saturday to prevent a collapse of the health system. Very hard: According to the report, the schools will probably have to close (almost) completely!

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (34, ÖVP) insists on this. Probably only kindergartens and possibly elementary schools should remain open.

In addition, the government seems to be preparing to close shopping centers. Service providers such as cosmetic studios and massage parlors would also have to be prepared for closings. Contact restrictions would also likely tighten.

According to current figures, there are currently around 97,000 active corona cases in Austria (8.9 million inhabitants). The seven-day incidence is 532. Since October 31, the number of Covid intensive care patients has doubled to 536.


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