It’s that easy to become “Lord” or “Lady”.

The Highland Titles company allows nature lovers to call themselves "Lord" or "Lady". Whoever buys land here is entitled to the title.

There is no question that nature conservation is a noble concern – but with the company “Highland Titles” every supporter is also proverbially ennobled: The company owns two nature reserves in Scotland, of which it sells plots of one square foot (0.09 square meters) or more to Friends of the Earth. Anyone who acquires such a piece of land thus receives the right to call themselves “Lord” or “Lady” in the future.

According to the company website, zoologist Dr. Peter Bevis “Highland Titles” 2006. Just one year later, the Glencoe Wood nature reserve was bought. The 200 acre (50 hectare) site is home to numerous species of flora and fauna, many attractions and a modern visitor center. Of course, buyers can also visit their own personal piece of land within the park.

Become a lady or a lord

In 2014, the 200-acre Mountain View area was acquired, which is now home to wildcat and bumblebee sanctuaries. In total, the Highland Titles Trust owns 440 acres of land that may be used exclusively for conservation purposes. Backers can choose from four different packages ranging from one to 1000 square feet (92 square meters). The cheapest costs 36 euros, the most expensive 600 euros.

The price always includes a personalized certificate and a property ID – as well as the right to call yourself “Lord” or “Lady” of Glencoe or Lochaber from now on. Both towns are nearby. The acquired land can be named and even inherited. However, Highland Titles remains the registered owner and manages the land on behalf of the buyers.

The title purchased would also not be a real title of nobility, the company writes on its website. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to have it entered in official documents. A company spokeswoman told TRAVELBOOK: “In Germany, the Civil Status Act prohibits adding titles to the name that are not lawful. This has been tried several times with our titles in this country, but always without success.”

Conservation Title

Nevertheless, according to the website, more than 100,000 people from all over the world have already secured a piece of land and the associated title. “Hundreds of people from all over the world visit their property every year, and once a year there is also an official meeting.” If you wish, you can have the company plant a tree on your property, put up your own flag there and even the ashes of a deceased scatter

If you want, you can also wear a kilt with a pattern that was designed exclusively for Glencoe’s “Lords”. “Our buyers are Scotland lovers and the scenery here is simply stunning – worth preserving. That with the title is a nice added incentive.”

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