Shocking death in Istanbul: Italian volleyball player Julia Ituma died

Julia Ituma, the young volleyball player of the Italian team Igor Gorgonzola Novara, who faced Eczacıbaşı in the semi-finals of the CEV Champions League, died after falling from the window of the hotel in Istanbul.

Igor Gorgonzola Novara’s 19-year-old player, Julia Ituma, died after falling from the window of the hotel in Istanbul, after the CEV Champions League semi-final second leg match with Eczacıbaşı Dynavit.

He was a teammate of Ebrar Karakurt

Eczacıbaşı Dynavit defeated Igor Novara, also played by Ebrar Karakurt, 3-0 in the second leg of the first match, where he lost 3-2 in the semi-finals of the CEV Champions League and made his mark in the final. After the match, the Italian team stayed at the hotel next to Burhan Felek Sports Hall.

Julia Ituma was found lying motionless in front of the hotel at around 5:30 am. Police and paramedics arrived at the scene. Medical teams determined that Ituma was dead. While the police teams started an investigation into the incident, it was learned that Julia Ituma, a Nigerian-born Italian citizen, stayed on the 6th floor of the hotel.

Police investigation continues

Julia Ituma Died
Julia Ituma Died

The shoes of the volleyball player drew attention where the teams were working. It was found that Julia Ituma fell from the window of the hotel where she was staying. The police determined that Julia Ituma entered her room after wandering the corridor between 22:30 and 23:50.

Ituma’s death came as a shock to the Italian team. It was seen that Ebrar Karakurt was also shocked by the incident in front of the hotel. Volleyball player Julia Ituma’s body was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of death after the crime scene and the prosecutor’s examination. A large-scale investigation into the incident by the police continues.

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