Mallorca is currently 40 percent more expensive than in 2019

The autumn holidays are starting and many are planning a vacation: But this year it is particularly expensive, a current analysis shows.

It’s slowly getting cooler in Germany, and many people are longing to extend the summer a little while on vacation. This is possible in the Mediterranean, but is now an average of 30 percent more expensive than in autumn 2019. This is shown by a current analysis by the booking portal “HolidayCheck”.

Package holiday: price increase of around 30 percent

The portal’s experts analyzed package holiday offers from 65 tour operators. A week of all-inclusive in autumn costs an average of 2,150 euros for a couple, which is 30 percent more than before the corona pandemic.

Christoph Heinzmann, travel expert at “HolidayCheck,” explains: “An increase of 15 to 18 percent over four years would be considered normal.” So 30 percent is well above the norm. However, he also points out: “In view of the rising costs for the tourism industry due to inflation, this high increase was to be expected. Energy, staff, food – life is more expensive in many areas, and these extra costs for hoteliers also have an impact on travel prices. ”

Mallorca is significantly more expensive than Rhodes

There is hardly any difference in price increases among travel destinations: destinations such as Turkey, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Crete are all around a third more expensive than in 2019, explains the expert. However, there are a few outliers.

The table shows the price changes (in euros) of package holidays for couples during the autumn holidays.

Hurghada, for example, is just above average with a price increase of 35 percent. The travel expert sees Egypt as a trend: “The North African country continues to be a perennial favorite among holidaymakers from Germany.” In the Egyptian seaside resorts of Hurghada and Safaga, families with two school children pay 3,900 euros for a week’s package holiday (all-inclusive).

The table shows the average price development (in euros) of package holidays for families with two school children.

Germans’ favorite island, Mallorca, has become particularly expensive, with prices increasing by around 40 percent for couples and 43 percent for families. The price increase is more moderate on the Greek holiday island of Rhodes, where it is “only” 24 percent more expensive than in 2019.

However, Heinzmann also gives the all-clear for Mallorca: “The prices for Mallorca have risen significantly in the past due to the high demand but also because of the high additional costs.” However, demand is currently declining and the first providers have already reduced prices. “It seems as if a plateau has been reached. Falling prices are to be expected, especially in the low season.”

Where is the cheapest place to go for an autumn holiday?

Looking at the absolute travel prices, the travel experts continue to count the Turkish Aegean, the Turkish Riviera, Hurghada, Mallorca and Rhodes as the cheapest travel destinations.

And the travel experts also looked at the prices for rental cars – with a surprise: In some cases, the rental car prices are even significantly cheaper than in 2019. The clear winners are Malta, Lisbon and Crete. Rental cars here are up to 68 percent cheaper than in 2019. The biggest drop in prices occurred in Malta: rental cars cost from 63 euros per week in 2019, but now it is only 20 euros per week. Croatia also proves to be a consistently cheap rental car destination.

The only exceptions here are Turkey and Mallorca: rental car prices are rising here. While a rental car on Mallorca was available for 35 euros per week in 2019, it currently costs from 111 euros and has therefore become 68 percent more expensive. For example, in Izmir, prices have risen from 96 euros to 103 euros per week. The cheapest price from the respective airport was compared approximately three weeks before the start of the trip.

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