Massive iguanas are falling from trees in Florida

Florida - you think of Miami, palm trees and of course sunshine. But beware, it is currently anything but hot and summery in the US state.

At night, temperatures in some places even drop below zero. Precisely this cold snap sometimes has bizarre consequences.

If you are currently on vacation in Florida, you should be careful: It may rain iguanas from the trees. This is no joke, it was even reported by the National Weather Service for Miami and South Florida. On Twitter, people are posting masses of photos and videos of frozen iguanas lying on the ground.

Why do iguanas fall from trees in Florida?

The reason: iguanas are cold-blooded. This means that the animals slow down their heartbeat and literally freeze at very low temperatures, such as those prevailing in Florida. Then it is quite possible that the iguanas in Florida will also fall from the trees.

Tip: just leave it alone

There is no need to worry about the iguanas that fall from the trees in Florida, because there is no danger to life. As soon as it gets warmer again, the iguanas actually thaw again. “Never take home sedated iguanas! These are wild animals and may behave aggressively once they have warmed up and recovered,” warns the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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