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Megan Fox : I thought Istanbul was a small town

Megan Fox : I thought Istanbul was a town
Megan Fox : I thought Istanbul was a town

Megan Fox revealed in an interview at a Tv show in Turkey, she believed Istanbul was a town.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – Megan Fox arrived in Istanbul for a commercial for Doritos chips and gave her first interview at a Turkish morning show to Saba Tümer, the host of the show.

Here is what Megan Fox shared with her Turkish fans in the interview

SABA TÜMER: Hi Megan, how are you? It’s your first time in Turkey, you just arrived yesterday? What did you know about Turkey prior to your visit? What did you expected and what have you seen so far here?

MEGAN FOX: I knew a few things about Turkey. Like you have the most ancient temple on earth..and it is not far from where we are right now.

SABA TÜMER: And you made this research before or after the offer for the ad was made ?

MEGAN FOX: I knew this already, because i’v watched a show called ”Ancient Alliens”. It sounds silly but it is about ancient temples and pyramides. I watched the special episode about this temple, i can’t pronounce it correctly right now but it is a ‘Göbekli Tepe’.

SABA TÜMER: So you are interested in archeology and history, do you read a lot ?

MEGAN FOX: No, i really don’t take a book and read. I read from I-book from my I-pad.

Megan Fox wish to visit Istanbul with husband

SABA: How did you find Istanbul? Did you go shopping? Have you tried traditional Turkish cuisine yet ?

MEGAN FOX:: No, not yet. Haven’t found the chance yet. But i will do it today. I want to visit The Grand Bazaar and the Mosques. I want to eat Turkish food as soon as possible. This is not like what i did expect here. I thought Istanbul was a town. But it is a metropolis, with big urbanization and industry. so many buildings everywhere, i didn’t expect this.

Megan Fox : How did her husband propose ?

SABA: You are here for business, would you like to return here as a tourist next time ?

MEGAN FOX: Yeah, very much, i’d bring my husband too, i’d like to visit everywhere here with him.

SABA: Speaking of your husband, how did he proposed?

MEGAN FOX: He proposed way back before we got married, it was nothing big or romantic.

SABA: You got married at a beach, as a woman i can’t stop thinking, if you go and get married at beach then the proposal shoul have been somewhat very unique, that why i’m asking.

MEGAN FOX: I was 19 when he proposed, just entered 20. I came from work and was very tired. He was sitting on the couch and bought a ring for me. He asked if i will marry him. Nothing sumptuous really.

SABA: So what about your private life ? you are a very popular woman, global celebrity and you wish to protect your private life as well? How do you hold the balance between these two? I know, that paparazzis are after you since the moment you get out of the plane?

MEGAN FOX: Very difficult situations such as this one he heard the news recently, that i have an doublure however, i had a friend close to me, whereas me looked like to me. Many çıkmıyorum out. Paparazilerden can not go places because of the trend. We spend time at home alone with my husband.

SABA: So you always wanted be a very famous actress as a kid?

MEGAN FOX: Yes, I thought a lot of people thought that this industry
but I did it. I did not know why I thought this kid is still in the
I do not know.

SABA: Everyone can be actor, but not everyone can be star. Why do you think you became a star ?

MEGAN FOX: I think that God is relevant. It is faith completely.

SABA: Your mother did not want you to be an actress, but you must have a strong will since
 you’ve continued on that road.

MEGAN FOX: I was worried at first because we used to live in a very small space. Things like that
would not have happen there. But it was not discouraging. Later there was a lot of support. Obstinately
I went and achieved.

SABA: Are they proud of you right now?

MEGAN FOX: Yes, very much

SABA: What did you do with the first money tou earned?

MEGAN FOX: I put it in the bank. We have never been a big spender. I do not like to spend for myself, i love spending for the persons i love and care I began to spend money after i met Bryan.
I bought him cars and motorcycles. He hated that i d buy him expensive gifts but I loved it.

SABA: Would you like to be an actress again in a second life?

MEGAN FOX: No, I would not be.

SABA: Why?

MEGAN FOX: I’d go back to school I’d be an archaeologist.

SABA: Who did you admire as a child

MEGAN FOX: Since I was little i have been a Judy Garland fan. Esther Williams, he is a
singer, swimmer and actress. The only actress I can recall a very long time ago
I v always sat back and enjoyed watching her.

SABA: Celebrities like  doing tattoos as much as you do. How many tattoos you got?

MEGAN FOX: I have 8  ..

SABA: Just see one now..

MEGAN FOX: Yes, but i will have it removed.

SABA: Why?

MEGAN FOX: It is a Marlyn Monroe tatoo. I’ve done it at 18, I do not want it anymore

SABA: I guess you do not want it because she had a bad life?

MEGAN: Most def.

SABA: You are a very thin woman, do you eat anything?

MEGAN FOX: I’ll eat. My mother is also a petite woman. For different characters i’v done many different diets.

SABA: I heard you’ve done a diet and lost your eyebrows and eyelashes, correct?

MEGAN FOX: No, but I have lost so much weight that my hair and fingernails
became  unhealthy. Ostrejene is what the female body needs.

SABA: How old were you then?

MEGAN FOX: That was a few years ago. I ‘ve done it for health, but it was too much.

SABA: Now what are you doing?

MEGAN FOX: I eat 5 meals a day in small portions. I eat meat
I’m not a vegetarian. My favorite dish is…hmm  I really like Italian ravioli .

SABA: One day you eat, the next day you do far as I understand.

MEGAN FOX: No, I am eating all the time. Its genetic.

SABA: How much do you weigh?

MEGAN FOX: 50-60 pounds

SABA: Pleased to meet you Megan

MEGAN FOX: My pleasure Saba

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