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Mesut Ozil Syndrome 2 – Turkey or Germany

This is my second article regarding the Mesut Özil syndrome which is why I wrote 2 at the end

Mesut Özil’s goal against Ghana which turned him into a World Cup Sensation during the Group stages of the 2010 World Cup

I still believe that this will happen.

Now, our players in Germany are no longer unappreciated; Mesut in a way has turned the tides around.

Now let’s come to what is happening in the present time, the emotional thoughts regarding being Turkish.

The important thing is to make the write points so that we can see the bigger picture.


In my first article what I was trying to say was that, what happened to Mesut will be the breaking point for other Turkish origin players living in Germany.

Firstly; the Mesut Özil case is the result of Fatih Terim’s management.

Mesut’s family asking for a guarantee from Terim that their son will play in games had already finished the time period of Mesut playing for Turkey before it even started.

But why did Mesut’s family want a guarantee?

Fatih Terim

They had the example of Nuri Şahin and periods after that in Euro 2008 where Turkish footballers playing in Germany were eliminated from the first eleven.

Nuri Şahin, at the age of 18 was regarded as one of Europe’s starlets and had even gotten interest from Chelsea, but was called to the Turkish National side for a friendly match and never played for the senior Turkish national side again.

Nuri was sent to the under-21 side and this had greatly upset the player.

This was a good example for the Özil family.

The irony is that even though he is still regarded as a star at the Bundesliga, he is still played at the under-21 level at the Turkish National side.

2008 was a nightmare…

Other then Hamit, no other player from Germany was included in the National side.

While top class Turkish players were out in the open, why wouldn’t Özil’s family want a guarantee and even be afraid.

It is not easy to produce a star player in the world arena…

The footballer’s sportive and social responsibilities must be taken care of.

His family must try and reduce the pressure on the player.

Just like what Löw did for Mesut.

Just like giving Serdar Taşçı the captaincy while he was playing for the German National side.

So what did we do for Nuri Şahin which we could do for Mesut.

I am sure that should Mesut have chosen Turkey, he would have also been in the under-21 side.

Oğuz would have also continued with the same action and sent Mesut beside Nuri so that they can watch the game rather then play.

There is also another reason which proves Mesut made the correct choice.

Every player would want to play in the World Cup.

Every player would want to be on display as world class.

Our National side after years was able to participate in the 2002 World Cup and came third.


We still cannot go through the group stages.

What about Germany!..

They are in all the World Cup’s

And all the players are on display.
Mourinho brought Mesut to Real under these circumstances.

In 2008 we were very successful, but no one was able to get anywhere?

The truth is, footballers should try to go to Europe, and they should still try.

We can see what happened to Arda Turan… (When he was regarded as one of Europe’s important talents)

And here we have Mehmet Topal…

Who has been playing for Valencia with great success.

But still Oğuz Çetin did not want Topal, he was not good enough for the National side!..

We are at a position where we should be proud of Mesut.

For him to be the most important factor for us,

As a footballer,

And for the quality he is at Real Madrid.

Müslüm Gülhan / Head of Sports Department Haliç University

Ghosts of Jorge Mendes


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14 Comment

  1. The turks booing Ozil? Well you all don’t know the history of the turks. They US congress declared that they committed genocide,that is still hunting them today.So booing is thier best choice,thank God they can’t do what their forefathers did.

  2. Funny thing is, I’ve yet to hear a German fan boo at for example Nuri Sahin for choosing the Turkish national team. He was born and raised in Germany and I bet that his German is better than his Turkish. The former coaches made a grave mistake in not choosing players with a German background. Just the same as the German Football Association did until around 2004 or so by not actively pursuing players with a non-German background. Thank God they changed that

  3. How racist are you guys? How do you find the the right to call Turkey an undeveloped primitive nation, it basically shows you have an undeveloped primitive brain. Most turkish people are proud of Mesut Ozil, booing is a way of distracting and it is used in every match in Turkey, if you have not watched a Turkish match before in your life than dont make silly comments, booing is the reality of Football. I am a turk and I’m proud of Mesut Ozil, but racist people like yourselves are really pissing me off.

  4. Turkish football fans should take a pill and relax.Turkey should start producing her own superstars.We allready have enough Euro born players in our national team .Mesut Ozil is a once in a million talent discovered and trained by German football establishment.Lets all enjoy his game.

  5. I’m not a German nor a Turk, but I love and respect both countries. Yesterday however, my respect to those Turkish people have faded, after seeing them booing Oezil just because he was playing against them. That’s extremely disgraceful, i wonder how he feels now! he made the right choice, he was born and raised in Germany, and that country gave him everything to be the footballer that he is today. period, it’s his decision not ours nor yours.

  6. As a German I have to say this is a great article. In conclusion we all should be proud of Mesut, both Germans and Turks, as he is a perfect example of how both nations can interact in friendship. I hope tonight’s match will be a great football game and mesut won’t get booed by the turkish fans.

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