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Russian PM Medvedev warns western powers of causing regional nuclear wars

Russia cautioned western countries against starting hasty wars that could ignite chaos in many countries and lead to the rise of radical Islamist factions and even turn into regional nuclear wars.

Moscow – Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told a legal forum ahead of his visit to the G8 summit as Russia’s official representative at Camp David that Moscow is aware of numerous examples of powers infringing on the sovereignty of other states in the Middle East.

Russia to Western powers: Don’t start a war that can turn into nuclear war !

The comments from Medvedev were a clear reference to Russia’s current copnflict with the Western powerhouses over Syria and its earlier condemnation of NATO’s air strikes against Libya.

‘ The results of hasty military operations in foreign states usually means that radicals come to power,’ Russia’s former president told a televised forum in Russia’s second largest city of Saint Petersburg.

‘ And sometimes these actions – which undermine state sovereignty – could end up in a fully-fledged regional war. And even – although I do not want to scare anyone – the use of nuclear weapons.’ The Saint Petersburg event included speeches by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and other top international dignitaries and legal scholars.

Medevedev Putin cooperation in Russia

Dmitry Medvedev will stand in for President Vladimir Putin – elected to a third term after serving four years as premier early 2012- at talks starting Friday after the Russian leader pulled out citing the need to structure his new government.

Officials in both Moscow and Washington governments have denied that Vladimir Putin was in fact delivering a snub meant to punish the White House for its criticism of Russia’s record on human rights.

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