Shots in Duisburg – four injured

In Duisburg, a dispute with up to 100 people has escalated. According to the police, shots were fired. So far, there is no assumption about the background of what happened.

Four people were injured in a gun fight in Duisburg on Wednesday evening. However, there was no danger to life, as the police announced on Thursday night.

According to initial investigations, 80 to 100 people met on Hamborn’s Altmarkt. Witnesses alerted the police when a larger number of people appeared and shots rang out. When officers arrived at the scene, many of those involved fled.

According to the information, two injured people were taken to hospitals by ambulance, two others initially fled and later sought medical treatment themselves. The police took 15 people into temporary custody. The motive for the dispute was initially unclear.

Shots and injuries in Duisburg: enemy rockers?

Several shots can be heard in a video shared on social networks. Another video shows several people running towards the entrance to a snack bar and smashing the windows.

“Bild” reported that the argument took place between people in the rocker milieu. “The situation is tense, further operational measures are being prepared. There were also arrivals from other cities in the Ruhr area, where there were and are further riots. At least some of those involved can be attributed to the clan and rocker milieu,” quoted “Bild” a police spokesman.

The “Rheinische Post” reported that the square in the north of Duisburg was cordoned off around 11 p.m. Bullet casings from the shooting and the shards of the destroyed window on the sidewalk could be seen on the ground.

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