Spielberg involvment in a possible Armenian Genocide movie denied by Armenians

No Spielberg for Armenian Genocide Movie
No Spielberg for Armenian Genocide Movie

Steven Spielberg won’t be directing or producing any Armenian Genocide movie, at least not in the near future. The Armenian National Film Academy has denied all claims that acclaimed director’s involvement in efforts to produce a movie of 1915 events.

Yerevan – The ‘Armenian Genocide’ movie rumours emerged and heated after French parliament passed the Armenian Genocide bill, which criminalizes any public denial of Ottoman Empire’s genocide of Armenians during the Wold War I era.

Armenia’s ‘ Yergir Media ‘ website today speculated that Steven Spielberg was ‘in talks’ on a film about the 1915 events, and that they will be supported by the Armenian National Film Academy.

Armenian Genocide ‘the movie’ was ‘set to premiere in 2015,’ on the 100th Anniversary of the 1915 events, according to the hoax news website.

No Spielberg for Armenian Genocide Movie

Vartan Abovian, the deputy director of the Armenian National Film Academy, spoke to the Hürriyet Daily News today, and expressed that he was also baffled by the fictious Armenian Genocide Movie by Spielberg story.

‘We indeed have plans on a movie on the Armenian Genocide,’ Abovian admitted. ”However, the project ‘Armenian Genocide’ the movie, is still in the ‘idea’ phase and nothing has been decided yet. Armenian National Film Academy is trying to find the required budget. And i assure you we are not in talks with any director. I doubt we can afford working with Mr Spielberg on a Armenian movie project.” the dep. director sadly added.

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