Strike at Lufthansa: Thousands of flights are canceled

Verdi is on strike at German airports for the fifth time. Travelers need strong nerves because Lufthansa will probably cancel around 1,000 flights.

Lufthansa is expecting massive flight cancellations during the two-day warning strike by its ground staff, especially at its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich.

Around 1,000 flights will be canceled on Thursday and Friday and around 100,000 passengers will be affected, as a company spokesman said in Frankfurt.

The airline is trying to display 10 to 20 percent of the original flight plan. The cancellations have already been taken into account in the flight schedules.

The Verdi union had called on all ground staff to go on a two-day warning strike. It is already the fifth wave of warning strikes in the tariff dispute and the third with a direct impact on passengers.

Dresden Airport is spared from the Lufthansa strike

There are no cancellations at Dresden Airport on Thursday and Friday. Why Lufthansa, Eurowings and Swiss Airline flights still start.

Despite the strike, Lufthansa flights from Dresden to Munich or Frankfurt will take off as scheduled on Thursday and Friday. “Since these flights are operated by Lufthansa’s subsidiary Cityline, they are not affected by the ground staff’s warning strikes,” a Lufthansa spokesman told t-online.

The same applies to Eurowings flights to Mallorca or Düsseldorf as well as Swiss Airline flights to Zurich. Since the strike departure schedule is already in place, passengers can check their departure status online before departure.

Lufthansa pilots declare an emergency

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