“I swam from Kos Island to Bodrum”

bodrum_beachAn investigation has been started over a women saying she swam from Kos Island to bodrum. The women in her early 40’s was found unconscious on the Bodrum beach Akyarlar.

The women named as Emine Zivanagi (42) was taken to the Turgutreis health centre for a check up after locals roaming the beach found her at 23.30 and called the police.

The women who had no passport or any other form of identification said “I was in the hospital in the Greece Kos Island. I missed my family at my village but no one gave me money to visit them so I jumped in the water from the Kos Island yesterday and I swam to Bodrum. I do not know if I would return back to the Kos Island.”

No family of Ms Zivanagi was found at the address she gave. It was also noticed that she had erratic behavior and was suspected of having psychological problems. Officials have commented on the issue by saying swimming from Kos Island to Bodrum the way she say’s she did is impossible.

Ms Zivanagi was very distraught when she found out that she was going to be deported back to Greece and caused problems for the customs officials.

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