The singer Darío Gómez died in Medellín at the age of 71

The death of the singer of "No one is eternal in the world" was recorded at the Las Américas Clinic in the capital of Antioquia

The popular music singer, Darío Gómez, recognized for songs such as El rey del despecho and Corazón resentido, died in Medellín on Tuesday, July 26, at the age of 71. The news of the interpreter’s death was released by the Las Américas Clinic, where he lost his life after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest.

His colleague, Luis Alberto Posada, was one of the first to publish the news through his social networks. He uploaded two sepia photographs with the singer from Antioquia, to which he added the following message:

“My heart today embraces your memory, soul mate. TO KING DARÍO GÓMEZ ALL MY LOVE, RESPECT AND ADMIRATION. Peace in your grave, King”

His more than 700,000 followers responded with disbelief for a few minutes, until the health center confirmed the information to the public.

The death takes fans of popular music by surprise, since the man born in San Jerónimo (Antioquia) was in good health and was active on social networks until just a few days ago. In fact, just four days ago he had shared a video in which he was seen cutting bananas, picking avocados and introducing the laying hens on his farm.

At some point, more specifically in January 2019, the news spread that the singer of songs like Daniela and La tirana had died. He himself had to go out and deny the information.

“I beg you the favor (that) you do not believe in that speculation, that I am, thank God, very well in life and health and I am concerned that you feel concerned about my state of health,” he said in a video, with a wide smile.

However, the care center in the capital of Antioquia ended the hopes of those who wanted the news to be a lie. Doctors reported that Gómez fell into a state of unconsciousness after collapsing suddenly in his home, after which he was transferred.

The king of spite had no vital signs when he was admitted to the clinic, so he was taken to a resuscitation room. Despite the “advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers that were carried out on him”, it was not possible to revive him and his death was declared at 7:30 at night.

The news of the departure of one of the icons of Antioquia culture has impacted the entire country. The outgoing president of Colombia, Iván Duque, has already extended his condolences.

“We deeply regret the death of the performer and composer Darío Gómez, the ‘King of Spite’; one of the greatest exponents of Colombian popular music. We accompany his family and friends with solidarity, and we send them our fraternal hug, ”the president trilled.
In addition to him, several of his colleagues have shown his regret for the departure of the interpreter of Here I am. One of them is the Charrito Negro, who at first could not believe the news. After assimilating her, she shared some memories of him together with the King of Spite and mourned the sudden loss of him.

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