Turkey against “Islamic State”: IS Surrounded Turkish soldier in Suleiman Shah Tomb / Breaking News


Turkey’s ground operation for the ‘safe zone’ condition after voicing IS, to protect Turkish soldiers  surronded the tomb of Suleiman Shah IS has deployed 1,100 militants.

The terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) has surrounded a Turkish enclave in Syria. experienced by residents of the region, that IS-fighters should have surrounded one guarded by Turkish soldiers Mausoleum. According to the government newspaper “Yeni Safak”, around 1100 IS-36 fighter Turkish soldiers are facing. The terrorist militia also controlling the main access route to the grave, the approximately 30 kilometers south of the contested city Kobane (Arabic: Ain al-Arab) is.

The Suleiman Shah Tomb has been subject to advances by fighting parties since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria three years ago, but none have gone so far as to physically attack it.

Turkey taken military position against the Islamic State, ISAmake obstack near the tomb of Suleyman Shah in placed 1100 militants.

Suleiman Shah (Süleyman Şah) was a 12th century military leader of the Seljuk Empire, which was among the first Turkish groups to enter and settle in Anatolia. He is the grandfather of Osman the First, who founded the Ottoman Empire in the 13th century, which lasted for six centuries and was inherited by the Turkish Republic following the regime change in 1923 through the War of Liberation.

The mausoleum of Süleİman Shah, the grandfather of the first Ottoman Sultan, located inside Syria on extraterritorial land that belongs to Turkey. It would not be the first direct conflict between Turkey and the jihadists: The IS had stormed the Turkish consulate in Mosul in northern Iraq in June and took 49 people hostage. The hostages were freed captive for more than a hundred days.

The IS had demanded in March that Turkey withdraw its soldiers from the now surrounded Mausoleum. The government in Ankara refused, warned that an attack on the site will seen as an attack on Turkey.

The tomb is located 30km from the Turkish-Syrian border on the bank of River Euphrates. According to the 1921 Ankara agreement signed by Turkey and France, the tomb is a sovereign territory of Turkey in Syria. Gaining independence in 1946, Syria confirmed that the land belonged to Turkey. About 30 Turks guard it.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an Al Qaeda-related organization, took control over a nearby village.

According to international agreements, the tomb, which is nearly 40 kilometers inside of Syrian territory, is considered Turkish territory and the enclave is guarded by a symbolic unit of Turkish Land Forces Command.

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