Uefa not to rule out punishment no matter how Turkey handles match fixing scandal

Turkey Match Fixing : Club chairmen try to save their clubs by overruling match fixing
Turkey Match Fixing : Club chairmen try to save their clubs by overruling match fixing

Uefa has warned Turkish clubs that further expulsions from UEFA’s competitions are not out of the question, as the match-fixing scandal continues to turn ‘wrong’ angles in Turkey.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – During a press conference in Dubai on Wednesday, the UEFA general secretary asserted that despite the organization not currently pursuing plans to do so, they may still choose to inflict such penalties if clubs in Turkey are not found guilty of rigging football matches.

“There are no plans in this respect but there are rules that we are applying in the same way to all clubs,” announced Gianni Infantino.

“It seems to be only domestic matches where it’s under the jurisdiction of the national association to take the necessary measures.

“We are discussing with the Turkish football association and, if necessary, we will certainly not hesitate to take necessary measures.”

Turkey Match Fixing : Club chairmen try to save their clubs by overruling match fixing

Turkish champion Fenerbahce was ejected from the Champions League prior to the beginning of the season, while a total of 93 officials and players, including Fenerbahce chairman Aziz Yildirim, have been named as suspects. He sits in prison since July and acoording the indictment is the leader of match fixing mafia in Turkey…. and Turkish politics try to save him now ! :

However, Turkey is a strange country as the Turkish union of clubs, comprised of Turkish Super League club chairmen try to lesse or even overrule punishments due to match fixing allegations. In the indictment on match fixing investigation there are the names of many Turkish clubs along with executives, chairmen and football players.

Turkey Match Fixing Scandal : Uefa wants zero tolerance, Turkey try to overrule match fixing penalties

Recently the passing of a law in Turkey which has seen the maximum prison sentence for match-fixing reduced from 12 years to only three has been passed. But Uefa  has called on the authorities to ensure that appropriate punishments are handed out.

“On the criminal side, there we urge all governments to act very firmly because we are dealing with criminal organizations so it’s a serious matter,” Infantino added.

“On the other side, we urge the federations to adopt a zero tolerance policy and to take the necessary measures against those who are involved in match-fixing.” Uefa man assured.

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