Yalitza Aparicio, the new Mexican angel of Victoria’s Secret

After a couple of years without catwalks, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2023 finally arrives, but with a new focus focused on female empowerment.

And to make this return more special, the lingerie line will once again have its angels, among whom Yalitza Aparicio stands out.

It is not clear if the actress will be part of the show that has already been recorded in New York and will be broadcast in a documentary on the Prime Video streaming platform starting September 26, but the lingerie line has presented her in this new stage in which promises to be more inclusive and diverse.

Through a post on Instagram, Victoria’s Secret presents Aparicio in a black and white video, with her hair in the air, dressed in a nightgown and robe set in which, she says, she feels “safe, unique and powerful.” .

“I would love for new generations to accept themselves as they are, and realize that diversity is also beautiful.”
Yalitza Aparicio

Her followers have surrendered to the images: “Mexican pride”, “this is what is worth admiring”, “a Mexican super icon”, “this is the perfect body of a woman”, “I would love to see you parade in the Victoria’s Secret show with wings,” some say.

Since she rose to fame for the film Roma, Yali has become an ambassador for body positivity. Months ago she shared on her YouTube account a talk with psychologist Martha Beatriz Gutiérrez, who spoke from a professional perspective about how to practice self-love, self-care, self-esteem and the role that social pressure has on them.

The actress said that in high school she felt insecure about the size of her calves, as they were larger than what was considered acceptable by the standards of the time. “Sometimes you have to reach certain points that make you reflect and understand that you are perfect. We put pressure on ourselves precisely because we want to fit in or want everything to be perfect, that we forget that we are human beings, that we have the right to make mistakes and that, At the end of the day, whether you make one decision or the other, they are going to judge you.

Yalitza Aparicio is the second Mexican to model for Victoria’s Secret. Elsa Benítez paraded wearing the brand’s lingerie in 1999.

In her short career, the activist has also been the image of Cartier, Prada, Dior, Head & Shoulder, Bonafont Huawei, Lenovo, among others.

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