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Turkey Teenager's Funeral

In Turkey, local elections are to, in advance, the atmosphere is hot now dangerously high. PM Erdogan and leftists use deaths during protests for their propaganda.

For Istanbul a sad week comes to an end. Two young people have lost their lives during protests in the capital. The one, the 15-year-old Berkin Elvan, died on Tuesday after nine months in a coma because he was hit by a tear gas projectile at the head of the police in the summer of 2013. Tens of thousands joined the funeral procession on Wednesday in the district on Okmeydani.

The other, Burak Can Karamanoglu, 22 years old, was shot and killed at the rally after Berkins funeral on Wednesday night. The case is still puzzling. It should have been a dispute among protesters, there were shots, Karamanoglu was hit in the head and died at the scene from his injuries.

Two people lost their lives in Istanbul, because the violence is high at these protests. This also was not a police officer killed in Tunceli in eastern Turkey. But who is to blame for the escalation?

It is true that the police action against peaceful demonstrators hard again and again. The officials put a water cannon , tear gas and plastic bullets – and let therefore the position deliberately escalate. One must observe the city in Kadikoy to see that the police force is disproportionate only the demonstrations in Taksim Square in Istanbul , in the pedestrian zone in the Istiklal Caddesi or on the Asian side . Hundreds of videos are proof of this

But it is also true that violent persons use the situation to their anger free rein and proceed with stones, firecrackers and Molotov cocktails against the security forces . For example, the radical left organization DHKP -C , a Marxist-Leninist underground organization . In Turkey , but also of the EU and the U.S. were classified as a terrorist organization , it calls the Internet open for violence against the security forces .

Now, an organization that is close to the DHKP -C , has taken responsibility for the deaths of Burak on Wednesday . A ” civilian fascist” , the support Erdogan’s AK Party , had been killed ” in battle with revolutionaries ” . The pro-government newspapers attacked the confession greedily .

But quite so clearly is not the case . There are also reports that Burak was hit by a stray bullet when two groups of young men came together in a fight. The prosecutor of Istanbul announced that it had opened an investigation .

Election Campaign in Turkey: Call for non-violence on the Internet

A few days before the local elections on 30 March cooks the mood in Turkey dangerously high. Nerves are on edge , limits are exceeded . On Twitter and Facebook therefore circulates a banner . It says, “Stop Do not go on the road , prevent bloodshed , regardless of your political views ! ” It is an anonymous appeal to reason .

But after a sedative , it does not look . Not even in the case Berkin Elvan , whose death after months fanned the new protests in a coma. When it is certain that he was the victim of police brutality. Several eyewitnesses confirm that independently. The government has not yet launched an investigation , it hinders the elucidation downright .

” They would have to educate the power my son’s death within a few minutes,” says Father Sami Elvan . In their grief, his wife goes even further: ” Erdogan has my son on my conscience ,” she says . In the ” New York Times ” off government critics a display in which they call for “Justice for Berkin Elvan ” and the police , ” Erdogan’s heroes,” blame .

Election Campaign in Turkey:Erdogan plays cases against each other

Given the increasingly vociferous demand to solve the case, promises justice minister Bekir Bozdag, you’ll bring those responsible to justice. But Erdogan himself makes this hope with his blustering way cancels out. “What will those who expressed grief (the death of Berkin Elvan, but he takes the name in your mouth – note)? Say about the unfortunate killing of our dear child Burak,” he asked and played the two cases against each other.

About the demonstrators who mourned Berkins death , he said, they were ” trickster ” who suspected that they had been subject in the elections. “And now they say: let us wreak chaos that can affect the outcome ,” he said at the opening of a new metro line in Ankara. ” But they will not reach their destination. ”

Halil Karamanoglu , the father Burak , is going to not be exploited in this bloody political struggle. “My son died for nothing at all ,” he told journalists . “Everyone has children. Today I mourn , tomorrow someone grieves differently. , We must stand together ,” he said. ” We can not allow that someone is tearing our society. ”

Just as it looks also the father of Berkin . Sami Elvan has Halil Karamanoglu called, from father to father. “Your son is my son ,” said the one to the other. They would soon visit each other , Elvan said. But it was already agree , that you do not want to make use of the policy. From either side.

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