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So now after all: Turkey joins the international alliance against the “Islamic State” to, if necessary, they will even intervene with ground troops. Even today, the Parliament will approve such plans of the government.

Turkey wanted to draw in March to war against Syria. Government opponents had then released a secretly recorded tape, after which the then Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu discussed with the intelligence chief, an Under-Secretary General and one about how one could justify military intervention by Turkey in Syria. The men even considered feign a Syrian attack, in order to have a reason for war.

Turkey, a NATO state wanted to arbitrarily make war against Syria and possibly draw the whole alliance? The Allies were horrified, the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the recording as “shameful” and let YouTube block.

Fight Against IS:So far, Turkey refused a leading role from

Turkey Syria Refugees
Turkey Syria Refugees

Only half a year later, Turkey is about to officially adopt an entry into the war on Syrian territory. On Thursday the parliament in Ankara will confirm such plans of the government. The mandate is initially valid for one year.

This time NATO forces even to and demands, Ankara should take part in the international coalition against terror militia “Islamic State” (IS). The IS has spread in recent months in Iraq and Syria and proclaimed in June a “caliphate”.

In March it was Turkey is to support the Syrian rebels militarily in their struggle against the hated dictator Bashar al-Assad. The Turkish government had been at the beginning of the protests in Syria set that Assad – like other dictators in consequence of the “Arab Spring” – would cede. But Assad clung to power, and the protesters failed to topple him. Ankara wanted to help out at that time hoped Assad fall.

Now loyalists try in Ankara, the former musings about a bogus reason for war reinterpreted as Turkey would always want to fight against the IS. There are, however, in the telephone recording any indication.

In fact, Turkey has until recently a leading role even refused to fight IS in a US-led military campaign. Neither she wanted to join the anti-IS-Alliance, yet allow other States to use Turkish bases for attacks in Syria and Iraq. The government feared that this would ultimately Assad and Kurdish fighters strengthened, allied with the banned PKK.

Turkey Fight Against IS:Pressure from the United States

Mortar shells from Kurdish-Islamic State conflict land in Turkey

For months, Turkey and the hands were but bound to take action against the IS, because the jihadists 46 Turks held since the conquest of the Turkish consulate in Mosul as hostages. That ever again. In addition, the United States have their pressure on the government in Ankara intensified to join the coalition against IS – ultimately one has to rely on Turkey as the country is immediately adjacent to the crisis area.

So now the parliament in Ankara will decide to participate in the anti-IS-coalition:

* The government bill provides that safety zones for refugees to be created on Iraqi and Syrian territory. So far, more than 1.5 million people have been brought to Turkey in safety alone from Syria. Ground troops who wants to make Turkey should protect these zones. Turkey demands from other countries sending ground troops, is consistent with this requirement but alone.

* Along the borders fly zones are to be established.

* The Turkish army is the power of attorney “to cross-border operations and interventions in other countries” get to fend off attacks by “terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.” On the border with Syria has already brought tanks into position.

* Unlike previously announced, other states are now but Turkish military bases to use in the fight against IS. Particularly important NATO is the use of Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey.

Whether Turkey will actually intervene with ground troops in Syria or Iraq, is unclear. Several government leaders signaled that the issue merely to protect the borders of Turkey. The IS has taken in recent weeks, more than 300 towns along the Syrian-Turkish border. Currently, the border town Kobane is under attack.

The Turkish population is, according to a survey majority behind a military involvement in their country against the IS. 52 percent favored, according to the pollster Metropoll from it. Erdogan, since August President has sworn its population in the past few days it that one must fight the IS. “This brutality that has nothing to do with our religion, can not be accepted,” he said.

Resistance currently comes from the Kurds, who fear that Turkey could also prevent an occupying power in the border areas, the creation of an autonomous Kurdish region. Therefore, the pro-Kurdish opposition party HDP spoke out openly against Turkey’s participation in a military operation against IS.

Concern to the Turkish government that the Turkish intervention could have into the war of terror across the country to order. Several IS commanders have indicated that. The British Foreign Office intensified earlier this week therefore its travel warning for Turkey. “There are a large terrorist threat in Turkey, across the country are terrorist groups active”, they say. “These include local religious extremists as well as an international groups involved in the conflict in Syria.”

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