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gunmen-kill-german-NigeriaSecurity source from the Nigerian State of Ogun has it that a German worker has been shot dead in a remote part of the State in what is believed to be an attempted kidnapping.

Local reporters say the German is a sub-contractor working for a construction company known as Julius Berger Nigeria, and was traveling with another colleague to their work place in a vehicle when gunmen attacked them. His other colleague was kidnapped by the gunmen.

Local police in the area as reported by local media said the two should have traveled with a security escort since the area is known place for criminal gangs who want to make money out of kidnapping.

According to an anonymous witness to the incident, the gunmen first stopped one car in front of the two. When they saw what had happened, they tried to turn around but the gunmen opened fire on their vehicle, killing the German citizen.

No group has claimed responsibility or demanded any ransom for the one kidnapped for now but that is expected in the coming days.

Julius Berger confirmed the incident in a press statement but failed to give further details concerning the nationality of the other one is now in captivity.

“One expatriate, a sub-contractor for Julius Berger, was shot and has subsequently died; the other expatriate, a staff of Julius Berger, has been abducted,” the company said in a short statement.

Kidnapping in Nigeria is very common and is worse when the country is about to go for general elections. Pirates in the Niger Delta killed three policemen and abducted at least nine people last Thursday.

Nigeria is due to hold general elections in February 2015 and Kidnappings are expected to increase as it is believed some politicians fund campaigns with money acquired through such criminal activities.

Official figures indicate that More than 300 foreigners have been kidnapped in the Niger Delta region since 2006 and almost all have been released unharmed after huge ransoms have been paid to the abductors.

Issaka Adams / NationalTurk Africa News

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