Ghosts of Jorge Mendes

The manager and former player of Galatasaray, working with business partners in Turkey, Ahmet Bulut, Jorge Mendes

Fair play and ethics rules by taking into account the criteria of the UEFA Europa in any arena of clubs with the same sponsor encounters with each other is not possible to carry the same form-sponsored ad.

NationalTurk reporter and Football schoolar Muslum Gulhan
NationalTurk reporter and Football schoolar Muslum Gulhan

Muslum Gülhan’s article from Turkish Daily Birgün

The manager and former player of Galatasaray, working with business partners in Turkey, Ahmet Bulut, Jorge Mendes, is, on the other hand, CFR Cluj, Braga and Galatasaray in the Champions League this season, these players have to fight the same group and technical continue after the start of the season and coach transfers, even if there is nothing “in the World of Football managers not only prestige, such as those named above, and the lack of confidence in the possibility of the man owned business based on the” industrial football, the disadvantage of these people is a good example of the resulting form the basis of a vulnerability. ”

Ghosts of Jorge Mendes

The above article, I got an article published by National Turk news service. And I will continue below.

“For 8 Portuguese squad in Cluj, and 5 Brazilian footballer. Almost all of these players, the Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes player is said to be famous, because the transfer of these players in Romania, Romanian champion and the biggest budget in recent years that separates the teams Cluj’a club manager Jorge Mendes’ his teams work together in the most The Rio Ave, Gil Vicente and Braga. ”

Mendes is a smart business man, so-called because the football industry, which is basically a good broker adaptation of football in the mechanism of exploitation. Structure is based on the exploitation of our football clubs, as Mendes and its extension to local business partners is a unique environment.

“Besiktas 2 million instead of 2 million euros to take over all the rights Almeida whether the method of funding the company, Quality Football Ireland Limited, which owns 69 percent of the European partner of CAA Sports also Gestifute. Gestifute a very familiar name for those interested in football closely.

Jorge Mendes’s Gestifute, and Besiktas Turkish football in recent years, almost cover casts Lightning Demirören and Cristiano Ronaldo in partnership with the alleged entry into the tourism business in the world-famous agent Jorge Mendes’ company. ”

The funny thing common to do everything in Besiktas Lightning Yıldırım Demirören Jorge Mendes, but what wisdom is that they keep away from their own companies. Not even cover the hotel business to be established.

Beşiktaş included Duda in the Muci transfer!

If Bulent Ciftci said Mehmet Yuksel;

“One of the reasons FIFA Besiktas Alves Mendes inital transfer case. First of all, you mention that. Transfer to Atletico Madrid B team Besiktas Alves explained that the day I called immediately Atletico Madrid B team coach. I asked him how someone Alves.

Do you know what he said? “Alves? Who Alves. I do not have such a player, “he said to me. After that comes towards the evening news. Atletico Madrid B team in Portugal is transferred as an emergency. Turkey was transferred to Atletico Madrid to play the so-called football Atletico Madrid B team.

Being transferred to the evening, half an hour later given the Besiktas to € 3 million. ”

Mendes, the Real, as well as working as a manager of a club Atletico Madrid. Ronaldo to € 150 million, City, Falcao’yu is known to be in the position to sell 40 million euros to Chelsea. Now that’s a successful manager in Turkey, causing such a large current account deficit caused by arakasındaki itself? Or gin managers valuable? ..

Mendes is a smart business man, he knows very well to smooth-tongued is evident already in his accomplishments. Our management’s understanding of the moral elements that we need to discuss.

Administrators can we know what we know now would they do that job pulling on gloves.

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