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The “sharia police” in Wuppertal has the look once again drawn to the Islamist scene in Germany. The Chancellor calls for vigilance, the BKA warns return to jihad and individual perpetrators.

They wear dark, fuzzy Rauschebärte, black headscarves and put grim faces on. They shout “Allahu akbar,” “God is great”, in Hall 1 of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court. The alleged terrorists Marco G., 27, and Enea B., 44, are currently the most likely dangerous Islamists in Germany. According to the indictment they would probably dozens of people murdered with a bomb in Bonn railway station and with attacks on right-wing politicians. But the plans failed. Since Monday, they now have to answer in court.

The four-member terrorist cell that had formed around a native of Oldenburg long-term unemployed G., exemplifies the growing problem of Salafism in Germany. The scene has been experiencing years of strong inflow, the constitutional protection pays the spectrum since about 5500 young men, many of them are converts. A study by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Interior has stated that that in them especially for labile guys from disturbed family backgrounds who feel attracted by the simple messages and the alleged fraternity of the Islamist milieus.

This Bankrupts are the great reservoir, can draw from the fisher of men as the fundamentalist preacher Pierre Vogel or Ibrahim Abou-Nagie. Just like the Salafistenführer Sven Lau, who caused a sensation with his “sharia police” in Wuppertal quite a stir, the speaker of the scene offering the seeker a value system that knows only good and evil. For many an ideology with strict rules and the community of peers of great attraction seems to be.

Islamists in Germany:The embassies of the Hetzer

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These so indoctrinated then put on the Hetzer, jihadists as the brothers Chouka from Bonn-Bad Godesberg. They moved several years ago in the fight against the infidels to Waziristan and stirring up the scene with drooling propaganda videos remotely on. The assassinations of pro-NRW politicians were apparently inspired by the hate messages of Choukas. Propagandists as the former Berlin gangster rapper Denis Cuspert also call on the scene to engage in Syrian Civil War.

In fact, the Syrian conflict takes already significantly more volunteers from Europe as the time of the distant war in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, more than 400 jihadists from Germany traveled to the disaster area, according to security sources, a third of which has already returned. Of whom have been involved in about 25 battles. Around 40 jihadists from Germany died, half a dozen of them in suicide attacks.

In his confidential “threat level image politically motivated crime” therefore warns the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) before the “high security risk” of returning from Syria jihadists and a “continuing threat” of Islamist terrorists. As with the Bonner prevented bombers who wanted to avenge provocations of the extreme right party Pro NRW according to the indictment, according to the BKA wins the strategy of “individual jihad” ever more important. So-called “Lone Offender”, ie individual attackers, difficult to detect, prevent their actions hardly.

Islamists In Germany:Chancellor Merkel calls for vigilance

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) called for in a television interview to be vigilant, even if “no specific evidence of a terrorist threat” were available.

That other conflicts in the world seem to move the Islamist scene in Germany, see the recent arrests of the Attorney General. At Frankfurt airport officials were on Monday the jihadists Steven N., 26 W. Abdullah, 28, and his brother Abdul Salam W., 23, arrested. You should have joined in Somalia the Islamist Al-Shabaab militia and engaged in armed struggles. The militia, which wants to establish a theocracy in the Horn of Africa, has become known among other things, to the attack on the “West Gate” -Shopping in the Kenyan capital Nairobi in September last year.

In Bavaria it just came back to arrests: At the German-Austrian border police stopped two suspected Salafists. Against both men arrest warrant was issued, a spokeswoman for the Munich I Public Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday. Against one of the two, a 24-year-old from Kosovo coming man will, under investigation for acquiring without jihadists in Germany.

In an email to a friend of the alleged terrorist Marco G. wrote in January 2011: “Dear brother, I have a very good plan, as we face the dirty kuffar (unbelievers d ed.) Can do and Allah’s mercy and fortune favor (… can attain). “A little later he brought with him to build a bomb.

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