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Pope Francis leaves Brazil for Vatican

An “important signal” a “strong set”: The reform movement “We Are Church” is excited about the Pope’s statements on homosexuality. Francis had campaigned during a spontaneous press conference for a more open handling of gay priests.

The Catholic reform movement “We Are Church” has welcomed the statements of Pope Francis for a more open church’s handling of homosexuals. “This can and must be a liberation for all priests who are homosexual and had to hide it so far,” said “We are Church” spokesman Christian Weisner on the dash.

So far, gay priests would often have to live in fear of extortion or ecclesiastical sanctions. It is noteworthy that Francis presume there is no judgment on the sexual orientation of others.

In a spontaneous press conference on the return flight from Brazil to Rome, Francis had campaigned among other things, a more open church’s handling of homosexuals. “If God is looking for someone with good will, who am I to judge about him,” he had replied to the question from a journalist.

The Pope, who was speaking on a flight back to Rome from his week-long visit to Brazil, also hit out at those who campaign on behalf of gay people.

“The problem is not having this orientation, it is lobbying,” he said. “That’s the most serious problem I think.

“If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?”

Deputy Editor of Catholic newspaper The Tablet, Elena Curti said the Pope’s comments were highly significant and progressive.

“This is a strong record,” Weisner said. “He is an important signal that Francis has no fear of reality.” At the same time the Pope’s remarks on homosexuality were a departure from the rigid stance of his predecessor, Benedict XVI. This change of course but must be decided up by the bishops and cardinals – including the German stood in the duty.

Francis had further stated homosexuals should not be marginalized:. “They are our brothers” According to the “Wall Street Journal,” he explained, however, one must distinguish between homosexuality and the existence of a homosexual lobby in the Vatican. The latter is a problem if there were blackmailed people with secret information. Italian media had speculated about the existence of such a group.

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