Protests against the IS: Secret service BND warns of escalation on German streets / Breaking News

Hooligan-Demo gegen Salafisten

Hooligan riots in Cologne, street battles in Hamburg – the concern to the authorities is growing: According to constitutional protection, the conflicts in German cities could further progressively worse.

The images of brawling hooligan hordes in the center of Cologne have startled many people. According to the authorities, however further rioting could be imminent. The Constitutional Protection warns, given the events of Cologne before an escalation of violence.

“There is a concern that progressively worse the violent clashes between the various extremists on our streets,” the president of the Federal Office for secret service, Hans-Georg Maassen said in Berlin.
And against the lack of help from the West – – In early October, the protests by Kurds against the advance of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) in Syria and Iraq were in Hamburg also escalated. Violent suspected supporters of Islamist groups had been beaten by the Kurds demo with the protesters. There were numerous injuries.

“The conflict in Syria and Iraq is also reflected in Germany resist,” said Maassen further. Currently, among others, living in Germany and particularly violent Chechens would increasingly turn to Salafism. With the continued strong increasing number of Salafists in Germany is also increasing the potential recruitment for jihad.

The demonstration of thousands of football hooligans against Salafists there had been massive riots in Cologne. On Sunday afternoon, participants gathered from all over Germany and marched through the city center. A police spokesman confirmed, were thrown from the protest out bottles at the police and detonated incendiary devices. The officers had water cannons, pepper spray and batons used. 49 policemen were injured.

The demonstration was not terminated despite the incidents. The end of September had protested hooligans in Dortmund against Islamist preacher Pierre Vogel.
Following the escalation remind politicians and the police to react. The chairman of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, said in the “Passau Neue Presse” on Tuesday of a “new challenge” for the officials and demanded more money and better equipment.

Wendt said, this new “dangerous mix” of “hooligans, rockers and neo-Nazis” must be met decisively with the means of law. The groups acted under the pretext of wanting to take action against the extremists of the “Islamic State”.

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