Robot attacked worker at Tesla factory

It turned out that a terrible incident occurred at the factory of the automotive company Tesla.

The terrible events that took place at Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, were revealed.

It was revealed that engineers and workers working in the factories of Tesla, which develops autonomous cars and is one of the most popular companies of recent years, were attacked by robots in the factory.

In the resulting official documents, it was determined that a production robot pushed an engineer against the wall in the company’s factory in Texas in 2021. It was recorded that the robot was turned off while the engineer was performing inspection and maintenance, but then the robot took action and attacked the engineer.

It was also noted that the engineer was injured and bleeding after the attack of the robot. Tesla employees who witnessed the incident also stated that another employee was able to stop the machine by pressing the “help” button.

Tesla did not make a statement

According to official data, 1 in every 21 employees will be attacked by robots in the company’s factory in Texas, USA, in 2022.

It was stated that in 2022, an employee was injured in his wrist and had to take a medical report for 127 days, while another employee was hit in the head and did not work for 85 days.

Former Tesla employees, as well as those currently working at Tesla, said that the company does not comply with occupational safety rules and does not care about the safety of its employees.

Tesla did not make a statement on the issue.

Tesla factory worker attacked by robot that dug its claws into back and arm

A Tesla software engineer suffered serious injuries when he was attacked by a malfunctioning robot on the floor of the electric car maker’s factory in Austin, Texas.

Witnesses told the Information last month that the robot, which was designed to move aluminum car parts, pinned the engineer and sank its metal claws into his back and arm, leaving a trail of blood along the floor.

The engineer was programming software that controls robots whose job it is to cut car parts from freshly cast pieces of aluminum.

While two of the robots were disabled so that the engineer and his crew could work on the machines, a third was inadvertently left on — resulting in the attack two years ago, witnesses told the Information.

The news site said it obtained an injury report that was submitted to federal officials as well as to health authorities in Travis County.

The engineer suffered a “laceration, cut or open wound” on his left hand, according to the Information.

The injury was apparently not severe enough to require the employee to take time off from work.

Tesla declined to comment.

Injury reports submitted to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration alleged that nearly one out of every 21 workers at the Giga Texas factory got hurt last year.

In the automotive industry, the median injury rate last year was one in every 30 workers.

Several current and former Tesla workers employed at the factory told the Information that the company regularly cut corners on construction, maintenance and operations in a manner that placed them at risk.

Sources told the Information that management’s demands for speedy production have led to safety lapses.

Witnesses reported that heavy machinery including a crane, a steel beam and an air conditioning duct have fallen near workers on car production lines.

Records reviewed by the Information found that workers at the factory fell ill after they were exposed to toxins such as ammonia.

In the summer last year, an employee’s ankle was caught under a moving cart, forcing them to miss more than four months of work.

Days later, another worker was struck in the head by a metal object, forcing them to miss 85 days of work, according to the Information.

Tesla employees at the factory said they witnessed forklifts collide with workers on the assembly floor.

On or around the New Year’s 2023, water was accidentally submerged in molten aluminum used in the castings area that produces the underbody of Tesla’s Model Y — resulting in an explosion that witnesses reported sounded like a “sonic boom,” according to the Information.

The explosion sent a ball of fire and then smoke into the air and caused employees to run off in terror, according to the report.

However, it is unknown how many people were injured, since that information is not included in documents submitted to safety inspectors in Texas, the Information reported.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s company began construction on the factory in the summer of 2020 after the mogul was outraged by California regulators who limited business operations due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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