Ukraine Crisis: Russian Air Force reinforced reconnaissance flights over Pacific / Breaking News

Russian TU-95 bomber flies through airspace northwest of Okinoshima island

The commander of the US Air Force sees a dramatic increase in Russian reconnaissance flights in the Pacific region since the start of the Ukraine crisis. The planes were also seen increasingly off the coast of California.

The current observations do Americans worry: The head of the U.S. Air Force , General Herbert ” Hawk” Carlisle, reported a dramatic increase in Russian reconnaissance flights in the Asia -Pacific region in recent weeks . Accordingly, the Russian aircraft were spotted off the coast of California and around the island of Guam around. Also patrols of long- distance fliers about Japan and Korea have been drastically increased . He also recorded “major activities ” of ships.

The reason Carlisle suggested a mix of prestige and practical reasons : ” you do it to demonstrate that they can, and to gather information.” As a motive for the inserts Russian aircraft he called the Ukraine crisis.
During his speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies ( CSIS) in Washington, the head of the U.S. Air Force showed the picture of an F -15 fighter jets to intercept a Russian “Bear” aircraft over Guam. “Bear” is the NATO code name for the Tupolev Tu -95 bombers, which date back to the Cold War. ” Certainly that’s what happened in the Ukraine and the Crimea , a challenge for us ,” Carlisle said. This applies just as well in the Asia -Pacific region and in Europe.

For more information on the procedures did not call Carlisle. The Department of Defense , the U.S. Air Force and the Navy have not expressed . CSIS Vice President Mike Green stressed , however , the frequency of incidents is high and remember the Cold War.

The end of April already had two Russian long-range bombers added the interceptors NATO on alert. The machines had approached over the North Sea the air spaces of the Netherlands and Great Britain. It is told that two F -16 jets risen from Volkel Air Force Base and have Russian aircraft escorted out of the airspace. Also Danish and British interceptors were involved in the application.

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