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2-year-old Indonesian child filmed smoking as parents laugh
27 Mayıs, 2010 | 17:35

The video of a 2-year-old Indonesian toddler smoking has outraged the public and Child Welfare groups all over the world.

Video of 2 year old Indonesian child smoking

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The video which has gone viral in popular video sharing websites shows the 2-year-old child smoking in front of his parents while they giggle on.

2 year old child from Indonesia is filmed smoking and is reported to have 40 a day.

2 year old child from Indonesia is filmed smoking and is reported to have 40 a day.

The video was taken by a reporter who visited the fishing village in Musi Banyuasin, in the South Sumatra province where the family live, after hearing of the child smoking.

Ardi Rizal , the 2-year-old boy who is from Sumatra, Western Indonesia, is reported to smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day.

His parents who has received plenty of stick for the shocking addiction of their son say that every time they refuse little Rizal a cigarette “he throw a tantrum and starts to scream.”

The toddler started smoking when he was only 18-month-old after his father gave him a cigarette. (Some children are given cigarettes by their parents in the Asian country as the reaction of the child is found amusing by their parents and elders.)

The most shocking thing about the video is that the child’s family members are giggling and laughing while the child puffs away a cigarette which is easily twice the size of his fingers.

The father of the boy said that he was “not worried of the child’s health” as he looks fine. His father and mother have said that their two-year-old son is addicted to cigarettes.

It is not known if the Indonesian authorities will take any legal action on the family of the child.

Indonesia is one of the leading countries in the world in both manufacturing and smoking cigarettes. The recent video of 2-year-old Rizal is not the first as just in March another Indonesian boy, aged just 4 was filmed on camera smoking, and had gone viral after being uploaded on YouTube. The video has since been removed.

Indonesia has one of the worst smoking records in the world, with a population of 250 million people; they are listed as the third most smoking country behind China (1.3 Billion population) and India (1.1 billion population).

It is reported that over a third of the country smokes, and 90% of the country’s smokers smoke a native cigarette which has twice the levels of tar and nicotine in an average cigarette around the world.

Government figures show that 25 % of Indonesia’s children aged 3-15 have tried cigarettes at some point and 3.2 % of those children are active smokers.

According to the South-East Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA), over 90% of Indonesian children have watched advertisement of cigarettes.

Some schools and even sports teams are sponsored by tobacco companies in the country.

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76 Yorum

  1. j cicalese - 27 Mayıs 2010

    thats rediculouss

  2. LAdy D - 27 Mayıs 2010

    This is wrong a child that is two years old has no business smoking…he can die…and another thing his parents think it is funny and when the child lungs are damaged with lung cancer they will reget the fact that they let their son smoke….i dont think its the childs fault, because he is only 2…but the more you give your child the cigarettes the more he will want…and of course he is gonna get mad he doesnt know any better…somebody needs to step up!

  3. LB - 27 Mayıs 2010

    That’s Hilarious!

  4. Leo - 27 Mayıs 2010

    This is not uncommon in third world countries. Can’t expect much more from dirt poor, uneducated people.

  5. Gina - 28 Mayıs 2010

    This is disgusting. How can a parent laugh when they are hurting a child or anyone else for that matter.

  6. Joseph PPFACE - 28 Mayıs 2010

    YAY for smoking!

  7. popovic - 28 Mayıs 2010

    It is more than ridiculous for me to see a smoking baby especially a 2 year old baby.May God help us in this our generation.

  8. luther paul - 28 Mayıs 2010


  9. asokanvvr - 28 Mayıs 2010

    Ardi Rizal , the 2-year-old boy who is from Sumatra, Western Indonesia, is reported to smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day is going to die at the age of fifteen because of lung and throat cancer.

  10. Vicki - 28 Mayıs 2010


  11. ma - 28 Mayıs 2010

    this is very sad when you see a 2 year old smoking and the parents sitting there and enjoying it as if were perfectly fine. perhaps someone should educate those people as to the long term efeects…

  12. Rajeev Ranjan - 28 Mayıs 2010

    Sacrifice or Murder?…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  13. Tanya K - 28 Mayıs 2010

    Interesting, we all look at the family, and not a word about the educated, well researched, money earning industry that continues to produce these products that kill us, instead we too blame and punish the family.

  14. tony - 28 Mayıs 2010

    Not sure but i think this could be a fake video, ’cause i can’t think of anyone doing that to their own son.

  15. pretty-sexy - 29 Mayıs 2010

    something is mentally wrong with india people if they was to come out here and do that to they kids they would be in jail but the reason y they stay out there is because they can get away with it and i think the dad sounds really dumb cuz all he”s doing is killing his child at 2yrs old

  16. Matt - 30 Mayıs 2010

    Brilliant technique, that has to be jis after sex cigarette!

  17. Mavie Gammuac - 31 Mayıs 2010

    poor kid. he smokes too much, it will affect him when he gets older. the father is ridiculous, too, he taught his son too, how to smoke! i feel pity for the kid.

  18. Mavie Gammuac - 31 Mayıs 2010

    poor kid. he smokes too much, it will affect him when he gets older. the father is ridiculous, too, he taught his son too, how to smoke! i feel pity for the kid. how can his parents laugh while he smokes like that while damaging his and others lungs?!

  19. IndyWrite - 31 Mayıs 2010

    I fail to see why U.S. or U.K. people feel they have to nanny other countries.
    The kid looks spoiled rotten. He’s fat, ill mannered and I don’t believe he’s only two years old. Those people are small in stature. I saw this video/article somewhere else depicting the country as India. Get your story right.

  20. DAVIS - 31 Mayıs 2010


  21. USAID - 31 Mayıs 2010

    Then the tax payers poor more money to developing countries to support more corupt gov. –go figure

  22. Stephanie - 01 Haziran 2010

    Love me!

  23. naoma foreman - 01 Haziran 2010

    I believe they are Islamic. Isn’t that a WONDERFUL RELIGION?.
    These people are insane.

  24. naoma foreman - 01 Haziran 2010


  25. reuk07 - 01 Haziran 2010

    Am really shocked at this discovery, because i never expeccted such a thing from an 11 year old; not to talk of a 2 year old. I wish there was something I could do to reduce,(if not stop) the level of smoking. This child’s health could be damaged terribly in the next few years if he doesn’t stop. I just hope it’s not too late for him. I’ve learnt from this little boy’s story. I just wish there was a way I could help…

  26. jareb ashford - 02 Haziran 2010

    i think the cheese burgers are gonaa kill that fatty before the cigarettes do.

  27. cathy - 02 Haziran 2010

    parents should be put in to jail for being irresponsible…child should be rehabilitated and be adopted by a responsible social welfare…SHAME FOR THE IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS!

  28. chronicles - 02 Haziran 2010

    why he the parent leave the small boy smoke like that

  29. Linge - 03 Haziran 2010

    The father of this poor child is the idiot to blame in all of this. he was the one that introduced smoking to his child in the first place. what a useless, irresponsible and STUPID father!

  30. xerxes - 04 Haziran 2010

    it is indeed a shame for the parents of the child but what can we do? saying anything about the video is useless not unless we stop the manufacturing of cigarettes or regulating the sale like a prescriptive medicine? it may sound crazy but what else can we suggest to avoid smoking other than stopping its production. that’s what i thought of….

  31. xerxes - 04 Haziran 2010

    what can we expect from a third world country like indonesia where corruption is at its best? i think the best way to quit smoking is to ban the production and plantation of tobacco, treating it like a prohibited drug…..anyway nobody cares because if tobaco production is stopped business would drop, and people who worke on the production would starve. think its the balance of nature to lessen the population by dying younger….again i say who cares?

  32. Jennna - 05 Haziran 2010

    notice the cigerette doesnt burn down..? doesnt ash or anything, ehh fake!

  33. Annette Jacott - 07 Haziran 2010

    I feel it should be against the law to give life to a child and then they feel they have a right to kill them. Parents who are ignorant about life itself is not the fault of a child.This short video scared me for the 2yr old baby. The parents should pay the consequences for slowly committing murder. The law should be protecting these children not become part of what the parents are doing. If the law is aware and does nothing they also should hang.
    1 CORINTHIANS 6:19-20 says ( Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourselves but to God; He bought you for a price. So use your bodies for God’s glory.)Save the children.

  34. VicNic - 09 Haziran 2010

    I think its awesome…I mean, its not my kid, but I def think he should be in the genus book of world records for that…At LEAST lol

  35. VicNic - 09 Haziran 2010

    @Jennna You’re a dumb ass.

  36. LNA - 09 Haziran 2010

    this kid does not really know how to smoke and know nothing about smoking, parents should be sent to jail.

  37. Dr Indira SahajwallaMD - 12 Haziran 2010

    i want eo see this article again &again.It unbelievable.There can not be better antismoking slogan,it will scare the adults smoking,It is ultimate in history of humanity.Children have to be groomed and nutured,loved,so that they grow to healthy happy child.

  38. bablo - 13 Haziran 2010

    nah man dis is so fake he is like 4 yrs and he is not smoking fags stupid who evem learned him to take it in

  39. shawna - 13 Haziran 2010

    smoking at he age of 2 drugs at the age of 3

  40. goldie - 13 Haziran 2010

    this frame is very sympethetic for govt. of indonesia.what the effect in persons for further future .thats should be paused immedietly

  41. Keri - 15 Haziran 2010

    Wth ?Apparently he was given his first ciggarete wen he was 18 months old! .. There parents should but obviusly they wont do it in a poor country .. WATCH – If he carrys on smokin he WILL die in a year ..

  42. Keri - 15 Haziran 2010

    um heyy its keri agen i was meant to write ‘his parents should get aressted in stead of ‘his parents should … blah blah blah

  43. Tammy - 15 Haziran 2010

    makes my skin crawl that is sick !

  44. GM - 15 Haziran 2010

    dats pathetic parents arent even doing anythin, watch when thier child dies den dats wen dey will regret lettin thier child smoke an the parents arent very responsible.

  45. charlie - 16 Haziran 2010

    what a chubby disgrace

  46. Rose - 16 Haziran 2010

    This video made me sick to my stomach when I saw it. This child needs to be removed from it’s home and cared for correctly. It’s ‘fits’ are no doubt due to nicotine addiction. I hope something is done about this. This child’s parents have no right having children. You wouldn’t let your pet dog as a puppy eat something that was harmful to it’s health much less a child.

  47. Debra Burks - 25 Haziran 2010


  48. Debra Burks - 25 Haziran 2010

    Really….look and the cig is fake…doesn’t burn down.

  49. Amanda - 30 Haziran 2010

    This boy is seriously over weight and he smokes thats crazy. What is wrong with these parents, they should have charges filed against them. So what if the child thows tantrums, all kids do, so you let them cry, they can;t always have their way. Thats part of growing up and if you can’t handle that then don’t have kids. People like that don’t deserve to have kids and why isn’t someone stepping in? There is nothing funny about this and they are killing that kid, and that’s abuse

  50. Jamariye - 02 Temmuz 2010

    I have kids myself.And I wish I would catch one of them with a cigarette or a rolled up peice of paper acting like they about to smoke!!

  51. asif - 09 Temmuz 2010

    very bad

  52. rudi - 09 Temmuz 2010

    have watched the video and i see alot of editing going on. i don’t speak the language so i cant comment on that…… if you “really” watch is he inhaling? still not a good thing. but hey here in the states someone is made “big” by being in self promoted affairs! is this the case…. probably not!

  53. lula - 15 Temmuz 2010

    tony – Not sure but i think this could be a fake video, ’cause i can’t think of anyone doing that to their own son.

    tony, i’m pretty sure this is real, because i’ve seen this on the news on television. i don’t think they’d air something that is fake.

    but yes, this is completely wrong for a child of this age to be addicted to smoking and even ALLOWED to smoke by the parents. everybody keeps mentioning things about how the parents are stupid people. maybe they are, but keep in mind that THEY DO NOT LIVE IN AMERICA. the parents are obvious not well educated, and saying that they should have “charges filed against them” wouldn’t be very effective because they live in indonesia. i’m sure things are MUCH DIFFERENT there. i am not saying that i support children smoking, in fact i find it disgusting and wrong, but many of the comments are just ridiculous.

  54. Nafeez - 15 Temmuz 2010

    This is the reason tsunami strikes Indonesia.

  55. mnyembezi - 04 Ağustos 2010

    God must be angry towards this family.i think this is just a curse.but i believe it can be fixed.let them kneel down and pray

  56. JESUS - 18 Ağustos 2010

    LOL,this is very interesting.They should just put his parents down and the child aswell if can’t stop smoking.

  57. Its Me - 27 Ağustos 2010

    its not all in asean country, in Malaysia, chils that is 6 years old also cannot even try 1 cigarettes, their parents will extremely angry and punish their son if they tried to smoke, in Malaysia, 50% smokers are from Indonesia, Philipines and other country, not all people in Malaysia like to smoke, they hate it and knows the risk..

  58. dr.howard357 - 30 Ağustos 2010


  59. Teddy - 02 Eylül 2010

    Here’s to see what a lack of education causes to simple people. It’s unbearable that Asian governments do so little about proper education. The only thing counts is: Can I score on this project?

  60. Janet - 02 Eylül 2010

    it’s all the dad’s fault, he gave the boy his first cigarette. and i cannot believe they are laughing while he’s smoking and saying he’s in perfect health!?!?

  61. sara - 03 Eylül 2010

    mr leo and others this is really bad but it is not an opportunity to insult other societies because your “clean” and “educated” world is full of things that nobody could imagine. after all cigrattes are your invention(output of your civilization).

  62. catsrlove - 04 Eylül 2010

    This is so sad and pathetic. His parents should be punished. It makes me sick to see this innocent baby tainted with addiction. Why would someone do this to their child. This baby needs to be taken away from his parents.

  63. amir - 04 Eylül 2010

    should not encourage the kids for the same

  64. amir - 04 Eylül 2010

    its should not be encouraged either to display the vedio or to smoke

  65. larson - 16 Eylül 2010

    that boy smokes more than i do in a day.

  66. berber* - 19 Eylül 2010

    wtf is wronge with this fat ass little kids parnets!!!!When that little kid grows up his going to reget smoking and its not his fault really its his parnets fault I would never do that or even think about doing that like wtf who ever thinks this is funny or cute are fucken stupid because its not fucken funny or cute its simipliy stupid and just rediculios!!!!!And that fat little ass baby smokes 40 pages of cigas that babys going to die of lung cancer or something when his around 7 or 15!!!!9/17/10 SATURDAY

  67. Jj - 21 Eylül 2010

    Thats so sad

  68. caddotey - 24 Eylül 2010

    This is really not something people should laugh about. It is just no ok!

  69. shawttiibadd - 28 Eylül 2010

    what the hell he needa put that cigarette down an go run an get put on a diet with his obiest self

  70. Prasanna Ratnayake - 06 Ekim 2010

    Funny Government

  71. iwara effeti - 29 Aralık 2010


  72. Fre32Bu - 04 Ocak 2011

    As upsetting as this video is, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to stereotype an entire country and its culture based on the behaviors of others. Be mindful of comments you make and the people you could offend.

  73. chidoo - 12 Mart 2011

    funny child

  74. kirti - 30 Mayıs 2011

    never seen something so terrible. its worst child abuse.

  75. jay - 17 Kasım 2012

    looks like hes been putting away a few beers also judging by his girth

  76. Lua - 18 Nisan 2013

    Not only does he smoke, he is overweight- it is likely he will have heart disease along with cancer in the not too distant future!

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