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NationalTurk is an independent, neutral, social news-sensitive internet news portal. We are following the events and news occuring in Turkey and the world, through our own team and other agencies in order to inform you.

Since founded in 2009, NationalTurk has been providing written and visual news to its visitors on internet. On our website, you can read news about anywhere in the world as well as your neighbourhood.

We offer our visitors the opportunity to search by topic in all the news. This is a real news search page supported by artificial intelligence.

NationalTurk Publishing Principles

Unbiased journalism: We are approaching the events that are mentioned on our site or the people mentioned in the news in full neutrality. We have adopted the principle of not to change the meaning of any news and to not manipulate any news.

No Gesture Journalism: We do not use any comment like good news or bad news in our website. While delivering the news, we do not say to reader ‘you should be happy’ or ‘you should be unhappy about this’. We only convey the truth and what is happening. What kind of emotions a reader will take from the news is reader’s own decision.

Open Journalism: We argue that any truth and any event should not be pushed aside, and should not be hidden consciously or unconsciously with small font size. Whatever happening that is newsworthy is our subject and the reader has the right to know it. We will not hide any news, we will not minimize, we will not miss any news.

Postman Journalism: Our mission, as the news reporters, is not direct the readers, not make any attempt about the facts or people in the news. In plain words, we neither attempt to influence any person or institution in Turkey, nor guide the public by using the power of news. We are just postmans. Our mission is to deliver the mail to the receiver in time. We do not have any missions such as enlightening the public, leading the way to the public, reclaiming the goverment or correcting people.

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